Confronting the Great Betrayal

All things related to the flu/covid mother of all state-sponsored scams were planned long before it was rolled out in the US/West at end of 2019. Growing numbers of people understand what it’s all about. On the phony pretext of protecting and preserving public health, the empire of lies, its Western vassals, Pharma profiteers, Wall... Continue Reading →

War-Mongering Extremist John Bolton for President?

The possibility should terrify everyone. Raging hawk, former Trump regime national security advisor, John Bolton, tweeted the following: “If current GOP presidential candidates don’t repudiate (his former boss, he’s) prepared to get in the (2024) race” for the White House. “Donald Trump’s assertion that his claims of electoral fraud in 2020 justify ‘terminating’ relevant constitutional... Continue Reading →

Making Mountains Out of Molehills 

Instead of truth and full disclosure in reports on major domestic and geopolitical issues, MSM press agents for wealth, power, privilege and imperial rampaging invent their own fake news reality. See below. On Monday, attempts by Ukrainian Nazis to strike Russian airfields in Ryazan and Saratov Regions by low-flying Soviet-era drones were largely foiled by... Continue Reading →

Real v. Invented Reality in Ukraine

Millions of Ukrainians are suffering needlessly because its Nazi-infested regime serves US interests and its own at the expense of peace, the rule of law and general welfare. According to UN coordinator in Ukraine, Denise Brown, millions in the former nation-state face worsening hardships as winter approaches. Russian airstrikes rendered much of the regime’s power... Continue Reading →

An Unparalleled Menace

Both wings of the US war party pose an unparalleled threat to world peace and humanity’s survival. Powerful monied interests control them. Americans get the best fantasy democracy money can buy, the real thing banned from inception, including abroad. The US military-industrial complex — including its merchants of death, Big Tech and Wall Street —... Continue Reading →

Big Lies Take on a Life of Their Own

US/Western regimes and Nazi-infested Ukraine were caught red-handed reinventing reality on the ground time and again. Their propaganda reports feature state-approved Big Lies while suppressing truth and full disclosure. According to puppet Zelensky regime fake news, its military close to collapse “eliminated 91,150 Russian” soldiers (sic), including 550 over the past day (sic). And this... Continue Reading →

Harebrained Price Cap on Russian Oil

The price of goods and services is largely determined by supply and demand. The fundamental market principle especially applies to fungible commodities, virtually identical ones. Capping the price of commodities like oil and natural gas is doomed to fail. Vladimir Putin, Energy Minister Alexander Novak and other senior Russian officials stressed that nations imposing a... Continue Reading →

Reality v. Bad Fiction on Ukraine

With rare exceptions, MSM reports on all things Russia and Ukraine are divorced from reality. US-created, Nazi-infested Ukraine is staggering on the ropes like a punch-drunk fighter. Sensible leadership would have capitulated long ago to halt the carnage. Hegemon USA installed a comedian in Kiev, a divorced from reality buffoon, to serve as a convenient... Continue Reading →

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