Rafael Correa Officially Declared Winner of Ecuador’s Presidential Election

Rafael Correa Officially Declared Winner of Ecuador's Presidential Election - by Stephen LendmanYesterday afternoon, populist candidate Rafael Correa was officially declared the winner of Ecuador's run-off presidential election and will take office as his nation's new leader on January 15. He defeated Washington-supported billionaire oligarch and banana tycoon Alvaro Noboa gaining a likely 58% majority... Continue Reading →

Hugo Chavez Gains An Ecuadoran Ally

Hugo Chavez Gains An Ecuadoran Ally - by Stephen LendmanEcuador's Supreme Electoral Tribunal is still counting the votes in the November 26 presidential runoff election but the results seem clear - with one-half of them tallied so far they show: the peoples' candidate, Rafael Correa, 68% and the bible-toting billionaire banana tycoon oligarch who's also... Continue Reading →

The Price of Imperial Arrogance

The Price of Imperial Arrogance - by Stephen LendmanLyndon Johnson was a conflicted man about Vietnam almost from the time he took office. As early as May, 1964, he confessed his doubts about the conflict to his good friend Senator Richard Russell in one of the many phone calls he taped in the Oval Office.... Continue Reading →


New Faces, Same Agenda - by Stephen LendmanThe political firmament shook briefly post-November 7 raising hopes change would follow the Republican's drubbing at the polls and the Democrats regaining control of both houses of Congress for the first time since the GOP sweep in 1994. Presumed new House speaker Nancy Pelosi stopped the tremors making... Continue Reading →


A Trial Giving Kangaroos A Bad Name - by Stephen LendmanAs the dominant corporate media in the US made sure everyone in the country would know just ahead of the mid-term congressional elections here, Saddam Hussein was convicted of crimes against humanity on November 5 for his involvement in the killing of 148 Shia men... Continue Reading →

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