Hugo Chavez’s Social Democratic Agenda

Hugo Chavez's Social Democratic Agenda - by Stephen LendmanHugo Chavez Frias was reelected by an overwhelming nearly two to one margin over his only serious rival on December 3, 2006 giving him a mandate to proceed with his agenda to build a socialist society in the 21st century on a Bolivarian model designed to meet... Continue Reading →

Ecuador’s President Embraces Bolivarianism

Ecuador's President Embraces Bolivarianism - by Stephen LendmanHugo Chavez Frias gained an Ecuadoran ally last November when voters rejected Washington's choice and the country's richest man and elected Raphael Correa its President by an impressive margin. Correa is a populist economist and self-styled "humanist, leftist Christian" promising big changes for another Latin American country long... Continue Reading →

UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism

UN Peacekeeping Paramilitarism - by Stephen LendmanThe world community calls them "Blue Helmets" or "peacekeepers," and the UN defines their mission as "a way to help countries torn by conflict create conditions for sustainable peace" by implementing and monitoring post-conflict peace processes former combatants have agreed to under provisions of the UN Charter. The Charter... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Kafkaesque “Matrix of Control”

Israel's Kafkaesque "Matrix of Control" - by Stephen LendmanFinding an equitable solution to the intractable, festering decades-long Israeli-Palestinian conflict is the Gordian Knot that must be cut to achieve peace overall in the Middle East. Today, no solution is in sight nor are any serious efforts planned to find one despite occasional rhetoric to the... Continue Reading →

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