Big Oil and Big Media V. Hugo Chavez

Big Oil and Big Media V. Hugo Chavez - by Stephen LendmanOn June 27, the New York Times and Wall Street Journal vied for attention with feature stories on oil giants ExxonMobil and ConocoPhillips "walking away from their multi-billion-dollar investments in Venezuela" as the Journal put it or standing "Defiant in Venezuela" as the Times... Continue Reading →

“Demonstration” Government in Palestine

"Demonstration" Government in Palestine - by Stephen LendmanIn 1984 (a year of Orwellian significance), activist and media and social critic Edward Herman wrote one of his many important books titled "Demonstration Elections." In it, he analyzed the US-staged elections in the 1960s in the Dominican Republic and Vietnam and the 1982 one in El Salvador.... Continue Reading →

The Record of the Newspaper of Record

The Record of the Newspaper of Record - by Stephen LendmanDictionaries define "yellow journalism" variously as irresponsible and sensationalist reporting that distorts, exaggerates or misstates the truth. It's misinformation or agitprop disinformation masquerading as fact to boost circulation and readership or serve a larger purpose like lying for state and corporate interests. The dominant US... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Michel Chossudovsky’s America’s War on Terrorism

Reviewing Michel Chossudovsky's "America's 'War on Terrorism'"by Stephen LendmanGlobal Research, June 19, - 2007-06-18 Email this article to a friend Print this articleChossudovsky is a noted academic, author, activist and relentless researcher concentrating on America's imperial crusade to control planet earth for its markets, resources and cheap exploitable labor. He's a Canadian economist by... Continue Reading →

Dr. Rafil A. Dhafir at Terre Haute Prison’s New Communications Management Unit – by Katherine Hughes

Washington Report on Middle East Affairs, May-June 2007, pages 12-13Special ReportDr. Rafil A. Dhafir at Terre Haute Prison’s New Communications Management UnitBy Katherine HughesAT PRECISELY 7 a.m. on Monday, Dec. 11, 2006, 17 federal prisoners across the country were taken out of their cells, held in isolation for two days, then bused to the Federal... Continue Reading →

Wall Street Journal’s Looking Glass World

Wall Street Journal's Looking Glass World - by Stephen LendmanShe's at it again on the Journal's editorial page in her June 4 article called "The Young and the Restless," subtitled "Is this the beginning of the end for Hugo Chavez?" The writer is self-styled Latin American expert Mary Anastasia O'Grady always getting top grades in... Continue Reading →

Resource Wars – Can We Survive Them?

Resource Wars - Can We Survive Them? - by Stephen LendmanNear the end of WW II, Franklin Roosevelt met with Saudi King ibn Saud on the USS Quincy. It began a six decade relationship guaranteeing US access to what his State Department called a "stupendous source of strategic power, and one of the greatest material... Continue Reading →

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