Labor Day Hypocrisy

Labor Day Hypocrisy - by Stephen LendmanLabor Day is commemorated on the first Monday in September each year since the first one was celebrated in New York in 1882. Around the world outside the US, socialist and labor movements are observed on May 1 to recognize organized labor's social and economic achievements and the workers... Continue Reading →

The War on Working Americans – Part II

The War on Working Americans - Part II - by Stephen LendmanThis article was written to assess the state of working America in the run-up to Labor Day, 2007. Organized labor today is severely weakened following decades of government and business duplicity to crush it. Part I reviewed the labor movement's rise in the 19th... Continue Reading →

The War on Working Americans – Part I

The War On Working Americans - Part I - Stephen LendmanAs Labor Day approaches, what better time to assess the state of working America. It's under assault and weakened by decades of eroding rights in the richest country in the world once regarded as a model democratic state. It's pure nonsense in a nation always... Continue Reading →

Market Efficiency Hokum

Market Efficiency Hokum - by Stephen LendmanYou know the story triumphantly heard in the West. Markets work best when governments let them operate freely - unconstrained by rules, regulations and taxes about which noted economist Milton Friedman once said in an interview he was "in favor of cutting....under any circumstances and for any excuse, for... Continue Reading →

A “Slow Motion Train Wreck”

A "Slow Motion Train Wreck" - by Stephen LendmanThese days, financial/market punditry seems to follow two opposite lines of thinking. It ranges from the predominant view that world economies are growing and sound, problems in them minor and fixable, and current volatility (aka turmoil) is corrective, normal and a healthy reassessing and repricing of risk.... Continue Reading →

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