September 26, 2007

A Culture of Violence

A Culture of Violence – by Stephen Lendman What do you call a country that glorifies wars and violence in the name of peace. One that’s […]
September 19, 2007

Reviewing Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”

Reviewing Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine” – by Stephen Lendman Naomi Klein is an award-winning Canadian journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and activist. She writes a regular […]
September 13, 2007

The Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story Never Told – by Stephen Lendman No issue is more sensitive in the US than daring to criticize Israel. It’s the metaphorical “third […]
September 12, 2007

“Unrecognized” Palestinians

“Unrecognized” Palestinians – by Stephen Lendman Israel’s population today is about 7,150,000. About 5.4 million are Jews (76%) plus another 400,000 Jewish settlers in over 200 […]
September 4, 2007

Middle East Madness

Middle East Madness – by Stephen Lendman Administration rhetoric is heated and the dominant media keep trumpeting it. It signals war with Iran of the “shock […]