A Culture of Violence

A Culture of Violence - by Stephen LendmanWhat do you call a country that glorifies wars and violence in the name of peace. One that's been at war every year in its history against one or more adversaries. It has the highest homicide rate of all western nations and a passion for owning guns, yet... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Naomi Klein’s “The Shock Doctrine”

Reviewing Naomi Klein's "The Shock Doctrine" - by Stephen LendmanNaomi Klein is an award-winning Canadian journalist, author, documentary filmmaker and activist. She writes a regular column for The Nation magazine and London Guardian that's syndicated internationally by the New York Times Syndicate that gives people worldwide access to her work but not its own readers... Continue Reading →

The Greatest Story Never Told

The Greatest Story Never Told - by Stephen LendmanNo issue is more sensitive in the US than daring to criticize Israel. It's the metaphorical "third rail" in American politics, academia and the major media. Anyone daring to touch it pays dearly as the few who tried learned. Those in elected office face an onslaught of... Continue Reading →

“Unrecognized” Palestinians

"Unrecognized" Palestinians - by Stephen LendmanIsrael's population today is about 7,150,000. About 5.4 million are Jews (76%) plus another 400,000 Jewish settlers in over 200 expanding settlements on occupied Palestinian land in the West Bank that includes Palestinian East Jerusalem. They're the chosen ones afforded full rights and privileges under the laws of the Jewish... Continue Reading →

Middle East Madness

Middle East Madness - by Stephen LendmanAdministration rhetoric is heated and the dominant media keep trumpeting it. It signals war with Iran of the "shock and awe" kind - intensive, massive and maybe with nuclear weapons. Plans are one thing, action another, and how things play out, in fact, won't be known until the fullness... Continue Reading →

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