Grand Theft America

Grand Theft America - by Stephen LendmanThe crime of the century. The greatest one ever. Author Danny Schechter calls it "Plunder." The title of his important new book on the subprime and overall financial crisis. Economist Michael Hudson and others refer to a kleptocracy. A Ponzi scheme writ large. Maybe an out-of-control Andromeda Strain. An... Continue Reading →

New Coup D’Etat Rumblings in Venezuela

New Coup D'Etat Rumblings in Venezuela - by Stephen LendmanSince taking office in January 2001, the Bush administration targeted Hugo Chavez for removal. It tried and failed three previous times:-- in April 2002 for two days; aborted by mass street protests and support from many in Venezuela's military, especially from its middle-ranking officer corp;-- the... Continue Reading →

Remembering Edward Said Five Years On

Remembering Edward Said Five Years On - by Stephen LendmanBorn in West Jerusalem in 1935. Exiled in December 1947. Said was diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia in 1991, a malignant cancer of the bone marrow and blood. At 6:45AM on September 25, 2003, he succumbed (at age 67) after a painful courageous 12 year struggle.... Continue Reading →

Reviewing Danny Schechter’s “Plunder”

Reviewing Danny Schechter's "Plunder: Investigating Our Economic Calamity and the Subprime Scandal" - by Stephen LendmanDanny Schechter is a media activist, critic, independent filmmaker, TV producer as well as an author of 10 books and lecturer on media issues. Some call him "The News Dissector," and that's the name of his popular blog on media... Continue Reading →

Subverting Democracy Through Electoral Fraud

Subverting Democracy Through Electoral Fraud - by Stephen LendmanIn America and elsewhere, electoral fraud isn't new nor should anyone be surprised it occurs. But as technology improves, so are better ways found to pre-arrange outcomes. It's easier than ever today so more time, effort, money and other resources are earmarked for it. The result: --... Continue Reading →

Vying To Be Toughest

Vying to Be Toughest - by Stephen LendmanIgnoring public sentiment, both party nominees stress "national security" and face off on who's toughest on "terrorism." For 2009, expect more of the same. A continued right wing agenda. Bigger budgets for militarism. Police state repression for enforcement. Little attention to public needs. No end to wars and... Continue Reading →

Katrina Redux

Katrina Redux - by Stephen LendmanRenamed and back, but first a personal note. Post-Katrina, writing about "The New Orleans Aftermath and (its) Ugly Glimpse of the Future" turned this retiree into a writer and radio host. Now three years later, Gustav threatened and, on August 30, got New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin to hype the... Continue Reading →

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