The End of Prosperity

The End of Prosperity - by Stephen LendmanFrom too much of a good thing. From the 1980s and 1990s excesses. From the longest ever US bull market. Heavily manipulated to keep it levitating. From August 1982 to January 2000. An illusory reprieve from October 2002 to October 2007. Fluctuations aside, all lost in the past... Continue Reading →

Targeting Dissent – The San Francisco Eight

Targeting Dissent: The San Francisco Eight - by Stephen LendmanThroughout much of American history, dissent was never tolerated if thought to threaten entrenched interests. Especially in times of war, economic crisis, or social stress. During the great Red Scare from 1917 - 1920. Under the 1917 Espionage Act that barred mailing materials advocating insurrectionist or... Continue Reading →

Public Enemy Number One

Public Enemy Number One - by Stephen LendmanA note before beginning. This article focuses on today's financial and economic crisis. Not affairs of state, war and peace or geopolitics. No guessing who's number one under those headings. That said:With so many good choices, it's hard just picking one. But given the gravity of today's financial... Continue Reading →

This Time Is Different

This Time Is Different - by Stephen LendmanWhatever we know about today's financial crisis. Think we know. Eventually will know in the fullness of time. This time is really different. In 1922, Henry Ford put it this way in his book titled "My Life and Work:" "The (economy's) primary functions are agriculture, manufacture, and transportation.... Continue Reading →

Hard Times

Hard Times - by Stephen LendmanHard and troubled. Racked by fear and uncertainty. For many trauma. Experts predict, speculate and conjecture, but no one knows for sure what's ahead. Key questions are whether we're in a protracted and severe recession. Or at the onset of another Great Depression. So much is unresolved. The problems have... Continue Reading →

The October Surprise – Global Panic

The October Surprise: Global Panic - by Stephen LendmanSince 9/11, the notion of an October surprise has been around. The idea going something like this. Another real or manufactured terror attack. The dominant media stokes fear. The public is again traumatized. The Bush administration pledges all effective measures to protect national security. Formerly seizes total... Continue Reading →

Another Israeli West Bank Land Grab Scheme

Another Israeli West Bank Land Grab Scheme - by Stephen LendmanSince 1967, Israel has systematically and relentlessly sought control of the entire "Holy Land" by seizing Gaza, the West Bank and all of Jerusalem. The entire area remains occupied and, according to Israeli professor and activist Jeff Halper, the aggressive "Nishul" agenda continues. It entraps... Continue Reading →

Justice for Yemeni Sheik

Justice for Yemini Sheik - by Stephen LendmanThis time is different for Yemini Sheik Mohammed Ali Hassan Al-Moayad and his assistant Mohammed Mohsen Yahya Zayed. On October 2, the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals unanimously reversed their unjustifiable convictions. More on that below.On March 10, 2005, both men were convicted on multiple charges of... Continue Reading →

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