Will Venezuelan Destabilization Follow the Honduran Coup?

Will Venezuelan Destabilization Follow the Honduran Coup? - by Stephen LendmanAfter ten and a half years in office, Hugo Chavez is very savvy about America's intentions. On January 17, even before Obama's inauguration, he said "Barack Obama has the 'stench' of his predecessor as US president and was at risk of being killed if he... Continue Reading →

Real Health Care Reform – Universal Single Payer

Real Health Care Reform - Universal Single-PayerOrganizations like Physicians for a National Health Program want Americans to have the same system in place in all other Western countries and elsewhere, including Venezuela, South Korea, Japan, Cuba, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Singapore, Taiwan, and Thailand. But not in America - the only industrialized country without... Continue Reading →

Vaccination Myths and Truths

Vaccination Myths and Truths - by Stephen LendmanAlan G. Philips is an attorney with the following credentials:-- he's one of the few American lawyers whose practice includes vaccine exemption and waiver issues;-- he advises other attorneys seeking help for their own clients on vaccine exemptions;-- he co-founded Citizens for Healthcare Freedom (CHF) as "a grassroots,... Continue Reading →

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