The Lendman News Hour Guests for December 28 – January 1

The Lendman News Hour Guests for December 28 – January 1

John Kozy, Michael Hudson and Jack Rasmus are the featured guests on The Lendman News Hour


Monday, December 28 – John Kozy

Tuesday, December 29 – Michael Hudson

Wednesday, December 30 – Jack Rasmus

Thursday, December 31 – Monday’s program repeated

Friday, January 1 – Tuesday’s program repeated

Time: 10AM US Central time

John Kozy is a retired philosophy and logic professor, now blogging on social, political, and economic issues. He taught for 20 years and was a writer for another 20. His articles can be found at and

Discussion will focus on his latest writing and overall view of the nation under Obama heading into the new year.

Michael Hudson has had a long, varied and distinguished career as a Wall Street insider, leading economist, expert on financial history, and Research Professor at the University of Missouri. He’s also an author, consultant, head of a Harvard-based economic and financial history group, and president of the Institute for the Study of Long Term Economic Trends (INSLET).

Hudson’s important book, “Super Imperialism” was updated in 2003, and is extremely relevant given today’s economic situation.

Discussion will focus on Hudson’s economic views heading into 2010.

Jack Rasmus is a Professor of Political Economy at St. Mary’s College and Santa Clara University, CA. He’s also a freelance journalist, frequent speaker, a playwright and author of books, including his newest to be released early in 2010 titled, “Epic Recession and Financial Crisis: Prelude to Global Depression?

Rasmus is just out with his 2010 economic forecast. Discussion will focus on it.

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