Lendman News Hour Guests for February 8 – 12 and Progressive Radio News Hour February 11 Guest

Human Rights Abuses in Israel and Occupied Palestine
February 5, 2010
Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Injustice
February 8, 2010

The Lendman News Hour Guests for February 8 – 12 and Progressive Radio News Hour February 11 Guest


Monday, February 8 – Gabriel Kolko

Tuesday, February 9 – Mickey Huff

Wednesday, February 10 – James Petras

Thursday, February 11 – Monday’s program repeated

Friday, February 12 – Bob Chapman

Time: 10AM US Central time

Gabriel Kolko is a leading historian, scholar, activist and Toronto’s York University Distinguished Research Professor Emeritus. He’s written many articles and 14 books, including The Age of War: The United States Confronts the World; Century of War: Politics, Conflicts, and Society since 1914; and his newest titled, World in Crisis: The End of the American Century.

Kolko’s current world views will be discussed.

Mickey Huff is a California-based Professor of History at Diablo Valley College and new Director of Project Censored (PC) and the Media Freedom Foundation. MFF supports First Amendment freedoms and investigative research, and works closely with PC and other media related organizations.

PC is the media democracy advocacy group that publishes vital news stories suppressed or censored by the corporate media.

Each year, PC ranks the top 25 and publishes them in its yearbook, Censored: Media Democracy in Action. The latest Censored 2010: The Top Censored Stories of 2008 – 09 can be purchased at projectcensored.org/store.

Current world and national issues will be discussed.

James Petras is Binghamton University, New York Professor Emeritus of Sociology. Besides his distinguished academic career, he’s a noted figure on the left, a well-respected Latin American expert, and a longtime chronicler of the region’s popular struggles.

He’s also a prolific author of hundreds of articles and dozens of books, including his latest titled, Global Depression and Regional Wars.

Petras’ current world views will be discussed.

Bob Chapman is a longtime professional who for over 40 years has written articles and analysis on business, finance, economics, and politics, and is currently the owner and editor of The International Forecaster, “a compendium of information on business, finance, economics, and social and political issues worldwide.”

Chapman’s latest views on the economy will be discussed.

David Livingstone is the featured guest on The Progressive Radio News Hour

Thursday, February 11 at 10AM US Central time

David Livingstone is an author and independent historian. His first book was titled, The Dying God: The Hidden History of Western Civilization, exploring its fabrication and a more accurate assessment of the past, concluding with the French Revolution.

His newest book, co-authored with Sahib Mustaqim Bleher, is titled Surrendering Islam: The Subversion of Islam Throughout History to the Present Day. It exposes the 9/11 attack as a false flag operation, its perpetrators closely connected to Western imperial interests.

Livingstone’s book will be discussed.

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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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