Lendman News Hour Guests for February 15 – 19 and Progressive Radio News Hour February 18 Guests

Breaking the Silence: Women Soldiers Speak Out
February 12, 2010
Haiti Is Open for Business
February 15, 2010

The Lendman News Hour Guests for February 15 – 19, 2010


Monday, February 15 – David Shaman

Tuesday, February 16 – Robert Prechter

Wednesday, February 17 – Frank Barat

Thursday, February 18 – Monday’s program repeated

Friday, February 19 – Robert Abele

Time: 10AM US Central time

As a World Bank insider, David Shaman has been a longtime advocate for transparency. His new book documents his experiences inside the Bank, seeking a more open and accountable institution. He wrote it “because there is a startling difference between the rhetoric the Bank uses and the reality of how it acts.”

Titled, The World Bank Unveiled: Inside the Revolutionary Struggle for Transparency, it will be discussed on the program.

Robert Prechter is founder and president of Elliot Wave International, the world’s largest independent financial forecasting firm. He’s written 13 books on finance, including Elliot Wave Principle in 1978 that predicted a 1920s-type stock market boom. His more recent 2002 one is titled Conquer the Crash, and his newest is called The Mania Chronicles: A Real-Time Record of the Great Financial Bubble (1995 – 2008).

Prechter’s latest market and economic views will be discussed.

Frank Barat is a member of the UK-based Palestine Solidarity Campaign, formed to work for peace and justice for Palestinians. He’s also a member of the Organizing Committee Russell Tribunal on Palestine that “seeks to reaffirm the primacy of international law as the (way to settle) the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.”

It’s part of BRussels Tribunal’s mission to “globalize resistance against (the) US war OF terror” and awaken people to the urgency to stop it.

The recent Russell Tribunal Barcelona session will be discussed.

Robert Abele teaches humanities and philosophy at Diablo Valley College, CA and has authored four books, including Democracy Gone, and his newest titled, Anatomy of a Deception about the Iraq invasion, occupation, and preparation for the next deception.

Obama’s permanent war agenda and his betrayal of the public trust will be discussed.

The Progressive Radio News Hour February 18 Guests

Maryam Ruhallah and James Randall Noblitt on The Progressive Radio News Hour

Thursday, February 18 at 10AM US Central time

Maryam Ruhullah is a victim of the CIA’s secret mind control MK-ULTRA program, using dangerous drugs and other means on human subjects to control behavior. James Randall Noblitt is a practicing psychologist working with survivors of extreme abuse and others afflicted with identity dissociation.

The scandalous CIA program will be discussed and its effects on human subjects.

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