Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Depravity

Aafia Siddiqui: Victimized by American Depravity - by Stephen LendmanOn February 3, 2010, after a sham trial, the Department of Justice announced Siddiqui's conviction for "attempting to murder US nationals in Afghanistan and six additional charges." When sentenced on May 6, she faces up to 20 years for each attempted murder charge, possible life in... Continue Reading →

Palestinian Political Prisoners

Palestinian Political Prisoners - by Stephen LendmanThe numbers vary but range at any time from over 7,000 to 12,000 or more. In April 2008, the Adalah Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel cited 11,000, including 345 children and 98 women. Over 1,000 suffered from chronic or other diseases. Around 150 were seriously ill... Continue Reading →

The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act

The McCain-Lieberman Police State Act - by Stephen LendmanIf enacted, it will advance what this writer addressed in a December 2007 article titled, "Police State America - A Look Back and Ahead," covering numerous Bush administration laws, Executive Orders (EOs), National and Homeland Security Presidential Directives, edicts, and various illegal acts targeting designated domestic and... Continue Reading →

Obamacare’s Passage: A Full-Scale Retreat

Obamacare's Passage: A Full-Scale Retreat - by Stephen LendmanAfter eight years under George Bush, people demanded change. Obama and congressional Democrats promised it, then disappointed by accomplishing the impossible - governing worse than skeptics feared, worse than Republicans across the board on both domestic and foreign policies.They looted the nation's wealth, wrecked the economy, consigned... Continue Reading →

Venezuela in Washington’s Crosshairs

Venezuela in Washington's Crosshairs - by Stephen LendmanWashington fears Hugo Chavez for good reason. His "good example" threat raises concerns that other regional leaders may follow. As a result, throughout his tenure, he's been targeted and vilified - to discredit, weaken and undermine his government to destroy Bolivarian benefits millions of Venezuelans now enjoy, won't... Continue Reading →

Freedom of Association Restrictions and Discrimination in Israel and Occupied Palestine

Freedom of Association Restrictions and Discrimination in Israel and Occupied Palestine - by Stephen LendmanA December 2009 Euro-Mediterranean Human Rights Network "Monitoring Report on Freedom of Association in the Euro-Mediterranean Region" assessed it in EU and Middle East countries, including Israel and Occupied Palestine, the topic of this article.Freedom of Association in IsraelInstead of improving... Continue Reading →

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