Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for March 25, 27, and 28, 2010

The Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for March 25, 27 and 28, 2010

Thursday, March 25 at 10AM US Central time: Cynthia McKinney

McKinney is a former Georgia State Legislator, US Congresswoman, Green Party Presidential Candidate, and longtime civil and human rights activist.

On March 1 – 3 in Barcelona, Spain, she was one of eight prominent Russell Tribunal on Palestine (RTP) panel members hearing expert testimony on Israeli violations of international humanitarian laws and the rules of war and occupation.

RTP’s work and conditions in Occupied Palestine will be discussed as well as McKinney’s recent encounter with Israeli harshness, trying to bring essential to life aid to Gazans under siege.

Saturday, March 27 at noon US Central time: Jack Rasmus

Jack Rasmus is a Professor of Political Economy at St. Mary’s College and Santa Clara University, CA. He’s also a freelance journalist, frequent speaker, a playwright and author, including his newest book now available titled, Epic Recession and Financial Crisis: Prelude to Global Depression.

Rasmus’ book and economic outlook will be discussed.

Sunday, March 28 at noon US Central time: Ellen Brown

Ellen Brown is a civil litigation attorney, author, and frequent writer on financial issues. A new addition of her latest book, Web of Debt, is a brilliant analysis of the private banking cartel Federal Reserve, how it usurped money creation power, and how we can take it back.

The Daily Bell “Compendium of Free-Market Thought” awarded Brown her own title, saying “in modern economic thought, (there are) now Keynsians, Austrians and Brownians.

Brown’s latest writing will be discussed.


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