Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea

Brave Israeli Commandos Slaughter Aid Activists at Sea - by Stephen LendmanEven America's major media can't duck a crime this grave - attacking and slaughtering up to 20 Gaza Freedom Flotilla activists and injuring dozens more.New York Times writer Isabel Kershner headlined "At Least 10 Killed as Israel Intercepts Aid Flotilla, saying:"The Israeli Navy raided... Continue Reading →

Eroding Free Expression in Israel

Eroding Free Expression in Israel - by Stephen LendmanThis writer's earlier article exposed how Israel restricted free expression protests to suppress opposition to its Gaza war. It covered efforts by the police, State Prosecutor's Office, General Security Services (GSS), the courts, and academic institutions to support arrests and imprisonments of Israeli Arabs and Jewish protestors,... Continue Reading →

Barack Obama: Liar, Warlord and Corporate Shill

Barack Obama: Liar, Warlord, and Corporate Shill - by Stephen LendmanIt shouldn't surprise because no one gets the top job or any government position of power unless they're safe, yet, naively, most people thought Obama was different. Many still do. As a candidate, he promised change, a new course, sweeping government reforms, addressing people needs,... Continue Reading →

Targeting Civilians: Israel’s Specialty

Israel's Specialty: Targeting Civilians - by Stephen LendmanProfessor Jeremy Salt teaches political science at Ankara, Turkey's Bilkent University. He's also the author of "The Unmaking of the Middle East: A History of Western Disorder in Arab Lands." On January 9, 2009, during Israel's war on Gaza, he wrote "A Message to the brave Israeli Airmen,"... Continue Reading →

Education in Occupied Palestine

Education in Occupied Palestine - by Stephen LendmanA 2007 UNESCO/Save the Children UK report titled, "Fragmented foundations: education and chronic crisis in the Occupied Palestinian Territory" addressed issues "in emergency and reconstruction situations, as well as in chronic conflict." It explained that in 1994, the Palestinian Authority established the Ministry of Education and Higher Education... Continue Reading →

US Inspector General Report: Falsified Oil Rig Inspections and Other Improprieties

US Inspector General Report - Falsified Oil Rig Inspections and Other Improprieties - by Stephen LendmanOn May 24, Mary L. Kendall, Acting Interior Department Inspector General's memo to her boss, Secretary Ken Salazar, discussed an "Investigative Report," titled "Island Operating Company, et al," addressing allegations that Lake Charles, Louisiana District Office Minerals Management Service (MMS)... Continue Reading →

Vilifying Justice Goldstone

Vilifying Justice Goldstone - by Stephen LendmanThis writer's September 21, 2009 article titled "Goldstone Commission Gaza Conflict Findings and Reactions" ( explained the following:On April 3, 2009, a UN press release stated:"The Human Rights Council (HRC) today announced the appointment of Richard J. lead an independent (four-person) fact-finding mission to investigate international human rights... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Gulf Commission: Distortion, Obstruction and Whitewash Assured

Obama's Gulf Commission: Distortion, Obstruction and Whitewash Assured - by Stephen LendmanThe Deepwater Horizon site is a crime scene. But instead of demanding prosecutions for culpable industry and Interior Department officials, Obama announced a commission to assuage public concern and anger, suppress vital truths, and obstruct justice, America's customary response to major government and corporate... Continue Reading →

Destroying Public Education in America: Part II

Destroying Public Education in America: Part II - by Stephen LendmanThis writer's April 2008 article addressed the topic, accessed through the following link: covered the sordid scheme to destroy what Diogenes called "the foundation of every state," and what Horace Mann (the "father of American education") said was mankind's "greatest discovery, (the) great equalizer,... Continue Reading →

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