Notes from Besieged Gaza

Notes from Besieged Gaza - by Stephen LendmanOn June 17, Israel's Cabinet issued a six point plan, agreeing to ease access for civilian goods entering Gaza without loosening inflexible security measures to restrict them. So what's changed? Not much. Increased truck traffic has been modest at best. The consumer ban was partially lifted, permitting previously... Continue Reading →

Political Killings in Colombia

Political Killings in Colombia - by Stephen LendmanColombia, America's closest South American ally, is a corrupted narco-state, a repressive death squad faux democracy, threatening regional neighbors, and reigning terror against trade unionists, human rights workers, campesinos, pro-democracy organizations, independent journalists, and legitimate resistance groups like the FARC-EP. Established in 1964, James Petras calls it the... Continue Reading →

Israeli Academic Freedom at Risk

Israeli Academic Freedom at Risk - by Stephen LendmanBorn in Haifa, the son of German-Jewish immigrants who fled during the Nazi period, noted historian Ilan Pappe left Israel in summer 2007, telling London Guardian writer Chris Arnot he began "feeling for a while like public enemy No. 1" for his anti-Zionist views and supporting a... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Bogus Construction Moratorium

Israel's Bogus Construction Moratorium - by Stephen LendmanPromises made, then broken. Promise peace. Wage war and daily violence throughout the Territories. Announce a settlement construction halt. Keep building, the promised pause (not a freeze) never observed despite Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's December 8 announced moratorium saying:"I hope that this decision will help launch meaningful negotiations... Continue Reading →

Impact of Israeli Military Order No. 1650

Impact of Israeli Military Order No. 1650 - by Stephen LendmanLocated at the European University Institute (EUI), the Robert Schuman Center for Advanced Studies (RSCAS) conducts "inter-disciplinary and comparative research (on) major issues facing the process of integration and European society."Prepared by Asem Khalil, its new report is titled, "Impact of Israeli Military Order No.... Continue Reading →

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