Massive Fraud in Haiti’s Sham Elections

Massive Fraud in Haiti's Sham Elections - by Stephen LendmanOn November 28, Haiti held first round legislative and presidential elections, a previous article explaining that democracy was off the ballot, accessed through the following link: entire process was rigged, 15 parties excluded, including by far the most popular, Aristide's Fanmi Lavalas. Under the most dire... Continue Reading →

The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks

The New York Times Again Censoring WikiLeaks - by Stephen LendmanOn November 28, WikiLeaks began releasing over 250,000 leaked State Department and US Embassy cables (many designated "secret"), dating from 1966 through end of February 2010. Their content ranges from embarrassing to important revelations about US spying on allies and the UN, ignoring corruption and... Continue Reading →

Imperial America’s End Time

Imperial America's End Time - by Stephen LendmanNoted analysts on both left and right see America's empire in decline. In his 2009 book, "Global Depression and Regional Wars," James Petras said:"All the idols of capitalism over the past three decades have crashed. The assumptions and presumptions, paradigms and prognosis of indefinite progress under liberal free... Continue Reading →

Mohamed Osman Mohamud – Terrorist or Victim?

Mohamed Osman Mohamud: Terrorist or Victim? - by Stephen LendmanNovember 27 major media headlines accused him, including New York Times writers Colin Miner, Liz Robbins and Erik Eckholm triple-teaming him in their article titled, "FBI Says Oregon Suspect Planned 'Grand' Attack." Their saying so becomes accepted fact, according to corporate media reports - guilty by... Continue Reading →

Oscar Lopez Rivera: Imprisoned for Supporting Puerto Rican Independence

Oscar Lopez Rivera: Imprisoned for Supporting Puerto Rican Independence - by Stephen LendmanAfter the 1898 Spanish-American War, the US took over the Philippines, Guam, Samoa, Hawaii, Cuba, Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Canal Zone, assorted other territories, and Puerto Rico. On September 29, its Governor-General, Manuel Macias y Casado (a Spanish general), ceded control to Washington,... Continue Reading →

Enhanced Airport Screening Controversy

Enhanced Airport Screening Controvery - by Stephen LendmanOn November 23, Washington Post writers Jon Cohen and Ashley Halsey III headlined, "Poll: Nearly two-thirds of Americans support full-body scanners," according to a Washington Post/ABC News poll, even though "half of those polled say enhanced pat-down searches go too far."A new Zogby (11/19 - 22) poll disagreed,... Continue Reading →

Haiti’s Deepening Cholera Crisis

Haiti's Deepening Cholera Crisis - by Stephen LendmanThis is the latest update since Haiti's cholera outbreak, previous articles accessed through the following links, including the most recent on Sunday's sham election, an exercise in imperial control: November 24, Doctors Without Borders (Medecins Sans Frontieres - MSF) reported it continues increasing its efforts in response to... Continue Reading →

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