Venezuela’s New Social Responsibility Law

Venezuela's New Social Responsibility Law - by Stephen LendmanOn December 20, Venezuela's National Assembly (AN) passed a new Law of Social Responsibility in Radio, Television and Digital Media. Contrary to harsh criticism, it doesn't impose censorship. It expands on existing legislation to promote responsible programming, including online. More on it below.Whatever socially responsible laws the... Continue Reading →

Target Israel, Not Libya

Target Israel, not Libya - by Stephen LendmanOn April 9, 1986, Ronald Reagan called Muammar el Gaddafi the "mad dog of the Middle East." Today, after an imposed no-fly zone, war rages to remove him. For decades, he ruled despotically, punishing enemies, rewarding friends. His days may now be numbered. Washington won't quit until he's... Continue Reading →

Cheerleading for War

Cheerleading for War - by Stephen LendmanWhen America goes to war, managed news goes with it spreading rumors, half-truths, misinformation, and willful deception about targeted nations, regimes and leaders, whether despots or democrats. Whoever first said it, the first casualty of war is truth, and then some as John Pilger once observed saying:"Journalism is the... Continue Reading →

Western Aggression on Libya

Western Aggression on Libya - by Stephen LendmanMake no mistake. Another Washington-led resource war targets Libya's riches, besides wanting new US base locations for greater regional dominance. America doesn't covet regional sun, sand and sea. "Humanitarian intervention" is a lie. So are notions about peace, not war, liberation, equity, justice, and other democratic values. Washington... Continue Reading →

Lies, Damn Lies, and Humanitarian Intervention

Lies, Damn Lies, and Humanitarian Intervention - by Stephen LendmanMasquerading as "humanitarian intervention," Washington launched full-force barbarism on six million Libyans, all endangered by America's latest intervention. More on how below.Beginning March 19, it was visible. However, months of planning preceded it, including US and UK special forces and intelligence operatives on the ground enlisting,... Continue Reading →

Imperial War on Libya

Imperial War on Libya - by Stephen LendmanOn March 19, ironically on the eighth anniversary of "Operation Iraqi Freedom," a White House Office of the Press Secretary quoted Obama saying:"Today I authorized the Armed Forces of the United States to (attack) Libya in support of an international effort to protect Libyan civilians," he, in fact,... Continue Reading →

Bad to Worse in Japan

Bad to Worse in Japan - by Stephen LendmanIt bears repeating. Government, industry, and major media reports downplay and deny Japan's unprecedented nuclear disaster, potentially able to kill millions now living and in future generations painfully. Nuclear power is a real life Andromeda Strain. If uncontrollably unleashed, it's potentially able to destroy life worldwide under... Continue Reading →

Multiples Worse than Chernobyl

Multiples Worse than Chernobyl - by Stephen LendmanIn Japan, coverup and denial persist. In a March 18 press conference, Tokyo Electric's (TEPCO) spokesman claimed water-dousing lowered radiation levels from 312 microsieverts per hour to 289. However, 48 hours earlier, chief cabinet secretary Yukido Edano said radioactivity levels were misreported in microsieverts instead of millisieverts -... Continue Reading →

Washington’s UN War Resolution on Libya

Washington's UN War Resolution on Libya - by Stephen LendmanOn March 18, Washington bullied Security Council members to approve Resolution 1973, a measure authorizing war on Libya. The 10 - 0 vote included five abstentions from China, Russia, Germany, Brazil and India, objecting to sweeping terms, including wide latitude for belligerence on bogus "humanitarian" grounds.... Continue Reading →

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