Public Banking: An Idea Whose Time Has Come

Public Banking: An Idea Whose Time Has Come - by Stephen LendmanThe 1913 Federal Reserve Act let powerful bankers usurp America's money system in violation of the Constitution's Article I, Section 8, giving only Congress the power to "coin Money (and) regulate the Value thereof...." Thereafter, powerful bankers victimized working Americans, using money, credit and... Continue Reading →

Waging War at Home and Abroad While Pledging Peace

Waging War at Home and Abroad While Pledging Peace - by Stephen LendmanPromising peace on May 19, Obama wages war against Middle East/North African and Central Asian states, as well as Muslim Americans at home. Earlier articles explained they've:-- been targeted;-- hunted down;-- bogusly entrapped by stings, false evidence or other means; -- rounded up;--... Continue Reading →

Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy

Memorial and Veterans Day Hypocrisy - by Stephen LendmanAnnually America's warrior tradition is commemorated in major media editorials and op-eds, honoring fallen men and women for reasons not explained. More on that below.On May 29, The New York Times headlined, "Among the Graves This Memorial Day," saying:Besides families mourning soldiers "recently lost in Iraq or... Continue Reading →

Obama Plans Gutting Regulations for Corporate Favorites

Obama Plans Gutting Regulations for Corporate Favorites - by Stephen LendmanPromising change after eight Republican dominated years, Obama betrayed the public trust by special favors given business at the expense of essential growing needs. Spurning them, in fact, he shows contempt for the things he rhetorically supports, proving he's no different from the worst of... Continue Reading →

Encircling Russia with US Bases

Encircling Russia with US Bases - by Stephen LendmanIn 1991, after the Soviet Union dissolved, everything changed but stayed the same. As a result, today's stakes are far greater, presenting much larger threats to world peace. In America, neocons are still dominant. Obama is more belligerent than Bush, waging four wars and various proxy ones.... Continue Reading →

Vermont Enacts Conditional Universal Healthcare Coverage

Vermont Enacts Conditional Universal Healthcare Coverage - by Stephen LendmanNumerous previous articles discussed Obamacare, described accurately as a rationing scheme to enrich insurers, drug companies and large hospital chains in lieu of universal single payer coverage.Obama hailed its March 2010 passage as answering "the call of history." In fact, Ralph Nader was right calling it... Continue Reading →

More Myth than Massacre at Srebrenica

More Myth than Massacre at Srebrenica - by Stephen LendmanHeadlines explaining former Serbian General Ratko Mladic's May 27 arrest allege his 1995 responsibility for massacring 8,000 Muslim men and boys at Srebrenica. True or false is at issue. More on that below.Meanwhile, inflammatory accounts already convicted him by accusation, including New York Times writers Dan... Continue Reading →

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Anti-Union Law

Wisconsin Judge Strikes Down Anti-Union Law - by Stephen LendmanSince taking office on January 3, Republican Governor Scott Walker waged war on public workers and their unions, aiming to restrict collective bargaining rights to wage negotiations before ending them altogether. He also demanded draconian health insurance and pension contribution increases, doubling them for state employees... Continue Reading →

Washington’s War on Chavez

Washington's War on Chavez - by Stephen LendmanSince George Bush took office in January 2001, efforts to oust Chavez failed three times:-- in April 2002 for two days, aborted by mass street protests and support from Venezuela's military, notably its middle-ranked officer corps;-- the 2002 - 2003 general strike and oil management lockout, causing severe... Continue Reading →

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