Meaner Tougher IMF with Lagarde

Meaner Tougher IMF with Lagarde - by Stephen LendmanOn June 28, New York Times writer Liz Alderman headlined, "France's Lagarde Named New Head of IMF," saying:She'll assume "one of the most powerful positions in global finance as a worsening crisis in Greece threatens the euro currency union and rattles financial markets worldwide."Washington's choice all along,... Continue Reading →

The Business of America Is War

The Business of America is War - by Stephen LendmanNoted trends analyst Gerald Celente said it, and it's true. In fact, America's business is war, more war, multiple wars, permanent wars, pillaging one nation after another for wealth, power, and dominance, while homeland needs go begging.America never was and isn't now the "land of the... Continue Reading →

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda

Israeli Anti-Freedom Flotilla II Propaganda - by Stephen LendmanOn June 27, its press release headlined, "GAZA, WE ARE COMING. Despite pressure and threats of violence, flotilla will sail."On June 27, A US Boat to Gaza Audacity of Hope press conference reiterated a determination to sail despite threats, pressure and other measures used to stop it.Participants... Continue Reading →

FBI Entraps Two More Muslims

FBI Entraps Two More Muslims - by Stephen LendmanBy now, the familiar storyline sounds more like a film plot than criminal indictment, especially when Muslims are involved, and the most recent case repeats the same scenario used last December. Then it involved Antonio Martinez, aka Muhammad Hussain, accused of plotting to attack an armed forces... Continue Reading →

Breaching Gaza’s Siege Update

Breaching Gaza's Siege Update - by Stephen LendmanIsrael keeps exerting pressure to block humanitarian efforts to deliver vital to life and other essential aid to besieged Gazans. Endorsing Israeli lawlessness, the State Department issued a June 22 "Travel Warning - Israel, the West Bank and Gaza," saying in part:"The Department of State warns US citizens... Continue Reading →

Israel Toughening Conditions for Palestinian Detainees

Israel Toughening Conditions for Palestinian Detainees - by Stephen LendmanOn June 24, Haaretz writers Barak Ravid and Revital Hoval headlined, "Netanyahu: Israel to toughen conditions for Palestinian prisoners," saying:On June 23, Netanyahu announced plans "to toughen the conditions of Palestinian security prisoners," meaning all of them wanting Palestine to be free, yet few committed crimes... Continue Reading →

Banker Occupation of Greece

Banker Occupation of Greece - by Stephen LendmanEconomist Michael Hudson calls it "Replacing Economic Democracy with Financial Oligarchy" in a June 5 article by that title, saying:After being debt entrapped, or perhaps acquiescing to entrapment, the Papandreou government needs bailout help to pay bankers that entrapped them. Doing so, however, requires "initiat(ing) a class war... Continue Reading →

Breaching Gaza’s Siege

Breaching Gaza's Siege - by Stephen LendmanSuffocating besieged Gazans, Israel is committing slow-motion genocide. Global activists are determined to stop it and hold Israeli officials accountable for decades of crimes of war and against humanity - unspeakable atrocities financed by criminal co-conspirators in Washington.In May 2010, Israeli commandos illegally interdicted six Freedom Flotilla ships in... Continue Reading →

Violating Palestinian Rights

Violating Palestinian Rights - by Stephen LendmanBesides its Knesset, security forces and intelligence services, Israel's High Court and Civil Administration ravage Palestinian civil society repressively. Two examples illustrate the problem.On June 22, a B'Tselem press release headlined, "Sharp increase in West Bank home demolitions," saying:Through late June, Israel's Civil Administration, its Judea/Samaria (West Bank) governing... Continue Reading →

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