Permanent US Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations Planned

Permanent US Iraq and Afghanistan Occupations Planned - by Stephen LendmanNothing reveals Washington's imperial agenda better than its global empire of bases. Sixty-six years post-WW II, America maintains dozens in Germany, Japan, Italy, and South Korea alone. In total, known Pentagon bases way exceed 1,000, as well as perhaps hundreds of other shared and secret... Continue Reading →

Turkish – Israeli Relations

Turkish - Israeli Relations - by Stephen LendmanIn May 2010, Israel's Gaza Freedom Flotilla Mavi Marmara mother ship attack, killing nine Turkish citizens, stoked tensions between the two countries.At the time, Turkey warned it might sever diplomatic relations unless Israel apologized, consented to an independent international investigation, and ended its Gaza siege. Israel, however, refused... Continue Reading →

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians

US-Led Terror Bombings Target Civilians - by Stephen LendmanUS air and ground operations strategically target civilians, Pentagon (and NATO) denials notwithstanding. They lie despite clear evidence refuting them. Their latest crime claimed 19 Libyans, all civilians, including women and eight children, apologies not forthcoming and deceitful when they do. NATO (code for the Pentagon) duplicitously... Continue Reading →

McCain/Kerry Support Imperial War on Libya

McCain/Kerry Support Imperial War on Libya - by Stephen LendmanOn November 6, 1971, a remorseful John Kerry told Washington, DC's WRC-TV that "I gave back, I can't remember, six, seven, eight, nine medals," protesting against America's Vietnam War involvement.On April 22, 1971, Kerry testified before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee as a member of Vietnam... Continue Reading →

Bahrain Sues to Suppress Police State Terror Truths

Bahrain Sues to Suppress Police State Terror Truths - by Stephen LendmanOn June 14, London Independent writer Robert Fisk headlined, "I saw these brave doctors trying to save lives - these charges are a pack of lies," saying:The Khalifa monarchy "started an utterly fraudulent trial of 48 surgeons, doctors, paramedics and nurses, accusing them of... Continue Reading →

America’s Barbaric Death Penalty

America's Barbaric Death Penalty - by Stephen LendmanNumerous organizations oppose capital punishment, including the World Coalition Against the Death Penalty (WCADP), an alliance of about 60 NGOs, bar associations, local bodies and unions, founded in May 2002. In 2003, it established October 10 as the World Day Against the Death Penalty.On October 10, 2011, the... Continue Reading →

Remembering Brian Haw

Remembering Brian Haw - by Stephen LendmanEarly morning June 18, lung cancer claimed 62 year old UK anti-war activist Haw after a long battle, a man London Independent contributor Mark Wallinger called "the conscience of the nation grown quiescent."His family left a message, saying: "He left us in his sleep and in no pain, after... Continue Reading →

Wrongfully Banishing Professor David Protess

Wrongfully Banishing Professor David Protess - by Stephen LendmanOn March 18, Chicago Tribune writers Matthew Walberg and Dan Hinkel headlined, "Northwestern at odds with star professor," saying:"Cook County prosecutors sparked a media firestorm nearly two years ago when they subpoenaed notes, recordings, and even grades of (his) students (because of their work proving) Anthony McKinney... Continue Reading →

Medical Care in Gaza Under Siege (Part II)

Medical Care in Gaza (Part II) - by Stephen LendmanOn March 25, 2008, Time magazine writer Tim McGirk headlined "Israelis Blocking Medical Care in Gaza," saying:"Since Gaza is denied (most everything under siege), many complicated surgeries are no longer done there." Those permitted abroad for them, like Bassam al-Wahedi, endure a gauntlet through Israel's "security... Continue Reading →

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