Rage Against Wall Street Crooks

Rage Against Wall Street Crooks - by Stephen Lendman Angry New Yorkers organized an initiative called "Occupy Wall Street." Beginning September 17, they called for "tak(ing) the bull by the horns," referring to the familiar New York financial district symbol. Its web site statement said: "The one thing we all have in common is that... Continue Reading →

Entrapping Muslims in America

Entrapping Muslims in America - by Stephen Lendman Post-9/11, American Muslims became fair game, targeting them for their faith, ethnicity, and at times prominence and charity. As a result, they've been ruthlessly vilified and exploited as "war on terror" scapegoats for political advantage. Entrapment is commonly used. Guilt or innocence doesn't matter, just the illusion... Continue Reading →

Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill

Israeli West Bank Annexation Bill - by Stephen Lendman Palestinians petitioned the UN for sovereign recognition and full UN membership. Four extremist MKs responded, calling for West Bank settlements annexed. A previous article explained, accessed through the following link: http://stephenlendman.com/2011/09/28/calls-to-annex-west-bank-settlements/ MK Deputy Speaker Danny Danon wants more. On September 27, the JTA Global News Service... Continue Reading →

Imploding Bubble Economies

Imploding Bubble Economies - by Stephen Lendman Economic meltdown comes in stages. Recognition takes longer. Tout TV pundits stay in denial longest, calling crisis conditions a normal correction. Reality suggests otherwise with US unemployment approaching 23%, home foreclosures multiplying, and poverty levels double or more official distorted numbers that artificially hold them down. Longtime market... Continue Reading →

Calls to Annex West Bank Settlements

Calls to Annex West Bank Settlements - by Stephen Lendman Since 1967, Israel established 121 settlements, recognized by the Interior Ministry as "communities." Another 100 unauthorized outposts were built. In addition, 12 annexed Jerusalem neighborhoods are considered settlements under international law. Moreover, settler enclaves exist in Palestinian East Jerusalem areas. They include: the Old City's... Continue Reading →

Putin Bashing

Putin Bashing - by Stephen Lendman On September 24, Russia's Vladimir Putin announced he'll run again for president in 2012 after serving eight years as Dmitry Medvedev's Prime Minister. America's media have better memories than elephants. In November 2007, they recall Putin on National Unity Day telling military cadets and youth groups that while: "an... Continue Reading →

Obstructing Palestinian Statehood Begins

Obstructing Palestinian Statehood Begins - by Stephen Lendman On September 23 in New York, a State Department "Special Briefing" was held. An unnamed "Senior Administration Official" commented on the Quartet's Palestinian statehood proposal, saying: "As the Palestinians develop(ed) their own ideas of what was necessary in terms of (petitioning the UN), we were intensively engaged... Continue Reading →

Putin in 2012

Putin in 2012 - by Stephen Lendman Currently he's United Russia's Prime Minister, serving with President Dmitry Medvedev. From May 7, 2000 - May 7, 2008, he was Russia's second President, succeeding Boris Yeltsin, a man known for destructive "shock therapy" that created shocking levels of poverty and social inequality. After he resigned on the... Continue Reading →

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