Netanyahu Threatens Gazans with Death

Netanyahu Threatens Gazans with Death - by Stephen Lendman Throughout its history, Israel had belligerent, racist prime ministers, none worse than Netanyahu. He talks peace but mocks and spurns it. His extremism heads Israel toward the brink. His worst ever government enrages global millions. Eventually, Israel may end up isolated and universally vilified as a... Continue Reading →

Living Under Israel’s Boot

Living Under Israel's Boot - by Stephen Lendman Like occupied people everywhere, Palestinians understand oppression better than experts. Ask them. They'll explain. In Gaza, it means living under siege and Israeli air, land and sea attacks. West Bank communities face day and night incursions. In the week ending October 27, 58 were conducted, nearly 10... Continue Reading →

Libya: War Without End

Libya: War Without End - by Stephen Lendman Libya will long be remembered as one of history's great crimes. For over eight months, NATO's killing machine ravaged the country, killing tens of thousands. Years of protracted conflict lie ahead. Libyans will keep struggling until they're free from NATO's scourge. UN Resolution 1973 authorized a no-fly... Continue Reading →

Eurozone Bailout Deal: Hold the Cheers

Eurozone Bailout Deal: Hold the Cheers - by Stephen Lendman More debt agreed on exacerbates an out-of-control problem. Only its final resolution is delayed. The longer crisis conditions continue and grow, the worse they'll be when day of reckoning time arrives. Nemesis, the goddess of vengeance and punisher of hubris and arrogance in Greek mythology,... Continue Reading →

Eurozone Bailout Deal

Eurozone Bailout Deal - by Stephen Lendman One size fits all doesn't work. Uniting 17 dissimilar countries under rigid euro rules failed. Membership means foregoing the right to devalue currencies to make exports more competitive, maintain money sovereignty to monetize debt freely, and legislate fiscal policy to stimulate growth. Eurozone's obituary remains to be written.... Continue Reading →

Anti-Imperial Voices

Anti-Imperial Voices - by Stephen Lendman Last August, over 140 prominent Africans expressed opposition to NATO's imperial war against Libya. South African signatories to an open letter included former President Thabo Mbeki, former Intelligence Minister Ronnie Kasrils, former Deputy Foreign Affairs Minister Aziz Pahad, and ANC National Executive Committee member Jesse Duarte. Their letter, in... Continue Reading →

Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy

Killing Gaddafi: Longstanding US Policy - by Stephen Lendman Absent reliable independent proof, some sources believe a double was killed, not Gaddafi. More on that below. Nonetheless, clear evidence shows Washington wanted him dead for years. On October 27, Algeria ISP headlined, "Libya - On what Sarkozy and Obama killed Gaddafi?" saying: "It's confirmed, Barack... Continue Reading →

Why Libya Was Attacked

Why Libya Was Attacked - by Stephen Lendman Obama's March 28, 2011 address at the National Defense University was true to form. It reeked of duplicity, hypocrisy, and ball-faced lies, saying: "For generations, the United States of America has played a unique role as an anchor of global security and as an advocate for human... Continue Reading →

Hazardous Hydrofracking in America

Hazardous Hydrofracking in America - by Stephen Lendman Hydraulic fracking involves using pressurized fluids to fracture rock layers to release oil, gas, coal seam gas, or other substances. Earthworks says the process provides easier access to deposits and lets oil or gas "travel more easily from the rock pores," where it's trapped, "to the production... Continue Reading →

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