Libya: Another Lost NATO War

Libya: Another Lost NATO War - by Stephen Lendman NATO's sole new millennium accomplishment consists of endless unwinnable wars. Coalition partners eventually tire and pull out. America may end up isolated against raging street anger to end imperial wars and address vital neglected homeland needs. It's already happening. The battle for Iraq continues. Afghanistan's war... Continue Reading →

Haitian Suffering Under Imperial Occupation

Haitian Suffering Under Imperial Occupation - by Stephen Lendman Except briefly after their successful 1804 revolution and under Aristide, Haitians suffered over 500 years of persecution and human misery. It's ongoing today under America's imperial boot, UN paramilitary occupation, and stealth Duvalierist Michel ("Sweet Micky") Martelly's illegitimate April 2011 election. With longstanding ties to Haitian... Continue Reading →

What Next for Libya?

What Next for Libya? - by Stephen Lendman Jamahiriya loyalists hope he's alive, not dead. Either way, his bigger than life spirit inspires Libyans and others wanting freedom - not terror bombing, occupation, colonization, pillaging, exploitation, and misery. NATO's war on Libya is one of history's great crimes. Democratic values and truth never had a... Continue Reading →

Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills

Anti-Democratic Knesset Bills - by Stephen Lendman Knesset summer session bills grievously harm civil and human rights if passed. Basic freedoms are at risk, including speech, assembly, association, and right to dissent. On October 16, a Haaretz editorial addressed one measure affecting press freedom headlined, "Free press in Israel is in danger," saying: Knesset extremists... Continue Reading →

Mixed Messages on Gaddafi

Mixed Messages on Gaddafi - by Stephen Lendman Nothing from NATO, political capitals, puppet TNC officials, and major media scoundrels is credible. Nonetheless, manipulated public opinion says he's gone. Wikipedia has him born June 7, 1942, died October 20, 2011, saying Muammar Muhammad Abu Minyar al-Gaddafi "was Libya's head of state from 1969 when he... Continue Reading →

Israeli Settlement Construction Jeopardizes Palestinian Statehood Plans

Israeli Settlement Construction Jeopardizes Palestinian Statehood Plans - by Stephen Lendman Palestinians want and deserve long denied full UN de jure membership and official statehood recognition, including all rights granted other members. On September 23, Abbas formally petitioned the Security Council. Normally it reviews applications for a maximum 35 days. Whether or not America vetos... Continue Reading →

Global Economic Crisis Deepens

Global Economic Crisis Deepens - by Stephen Lendman Global Depression grips world economies. Destructive polices fueled today's crisis. Conditions are fast coming to a head. Throwing good money after bad delays decision day at the price of far greater trouble on arrival. D-Day will shake world economies. It may, in fact, be months away, perhaps... Continue Reading →

Doubts About Gaddafi’s Reported Assassination

Doubts About Gaddafi's Reported Assassination - by Stephen Lendman NATO, Washington, Western media, Qatar-controlled Al Jazeera, Saudi-controlled Al Arabia, UK-controlled BBC, and other mainstream sources reported his death. More on that below. On October 20, disputed official accounts, saying: "Green Committees have confirmed that the leader is alive, and that the enemy is seeking... Continue Reading →

Israel Arrests Palestinians While Releasing Others

Israel Arrests Palestinians While Releasing Others - by Stephen Lendman In mid-October, Netanyahu's cabinet agreed to free 1,027 Palestinian political prisoners in two waves (including 27 women and nearly 300 children) in return for Hamas releasing Gilad Shalit after over five years in captivity. Wave one is completed, freeing 477 Palestinians. In two months, phase... Continue Reading →

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