US Higher Education in Crisis

US Higher Education in Crisis - by Stephen Lendman Diogenes called education "the foundation of every state." Education reformer Horace Mann said the "common (public) school (is) the greatest discovery ever made by man." Education reform under Bush and Obama want public education made another business profit center. Doing so places bottom line priorities above... Continue Reading →

Coming: Big Austerity Cuts

Coming: Big Austerity Cuts - by Stephen Lendman The congressional August Budget Control Act of 2011 established the Joint Select Committee on Deficit Reduction - aka Supercommittee. Doing so was extralegal. The Constitution's Article 1, Section 8 explains congressional powers. None of them include supercommittee authority to resolve America's debt crisis. Article 1, Section 8,... Continue Reading →

Another New York Bomb Plot: Real or Fake?

Another New York Bomb Plot: Real or Fake? - by Stephen Lendman Post-9/11, America waged war on Islam. Innocent victims are targeted for political advantage. They're called fundamentalists, extremists, terrorists and fanatics. Why Muslims when, in fact, Islam teaches love, not hate; peace, not violence; charity, not selfishness; and tolerance, not terrorism. Who knows though... Continue Reading →

Heading for War on Syria?

Heading for War on Syria? - by Stephen Lendman Libya's model is being replicated in Syria. So far, it's short of war. For how long is uncertain. Expect it if current tactics fail. More on that below. At issue is regime change, establishing another client state, and isolating Iran ahead of similar tactics there. It's... Continue Reading →

Thanksgiving Hypocrisy

Thanksgiving Hypocrisy - by Stephen Lendman On November 25, 2009, a New York Times editorial headlined, "A Thanksgiving Toast," saying: "Sitting down with friends and family today, there will be thanks for the steady currents, flowing out of the past, that have brought us to this table....And there will be prayerful thanks for the future."... Continue Reading →

Gaza: Good News and Bad

Gaza: Good News and Bad - by Stephen Lendman First the good. On November 22, the International Middle East Media Center (IMEMC) said a "Freedom Spring" convoy arrived through Rafah's border terminal, connecting Gaza and Egypt. Arab Spring movement members will meet Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyya and other Palestinian officials. In addition, meetings will... Continue Reading →

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians with Inpunity

Israeli Settlers Attack Palestinians with Impunity - by Stephen Lendman Palestinians are doubly cursed. Israel's military attacks them regularly. During the past week alone, Israeli air strikes killed four Gazans, wounding another 14. Al-Nabi Saleh village residents participating in a peaceful demonstration were assaulted. Two injuries were reported, including a child. Israel's navy arrested three... Continue Reading →

MF Global Looted Customer Accounts

MF Global Looted Customer Accounts - by Stephen Lendman Wall Street's business model is grand theft. Jon Corzine was MF Global's CEO. Earlier he headed Goldman Sachs, America's premiere racketeering organization. He also was one of legions of corrupt politicians as US senator and New Jersey governor. His extreme, longstanding criminality warrants putting him in... Continue Reading →

Supercommittee Strikes Out

Supercommittee Strikes Out - by Stephen Lendman On November 20, New York Times writer Eric Lipton headlined, "Lawmakers Trade Blame as Deficit Talks Crumble," saying: Hours away from their self-imposed deadlined, "Congressional leaders conceded Sunday that talks on a sweeping deficit agreement were near failure and braced for recriminations over their inability to reach a... Continue Reading →

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