No Letup in Western-Backed Syrian Violence

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March 24, 2012
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March 25, 2012

No Letup in Western-Backed Syrian Violence
by Stephen Lendman
Washington’s dirty hands control anti-Assad violence. At issue is longstanding policy to install a pro-Western regime. All means are used to do it, including war if others fail.
As a result, the Syrian pot keeps boiling. Assad’s obligated to confront it. Syrians rely on him, yet he’s blamed for doing his job.
Besides heavily armed killer gangs, US, UK, French, and perhaps other NATO Special Forces operate in Syria covertly. They’ve done so for months the same way as last year in Libya.
Nonetheless, NATO secretary-general Anders Fog Rasmussen audaciously claimed intervention in Syrian affairs isn’t planned. In fact, it’s been ongoing for months stoking violence.
On March 23, addressing the German Marshall Fund, he also said:
NATO “played a major role in guaranteeing peace in the Euro-Atlantic area for over sixty years, and as our mission for Libya showed, our Alliance remains an essential source of stability in an unpredictable world. NATO is the indispensable Alliance.”
In fact, it’s a lawless, aggressive killing machine. It’s responsible for millions of deaths, mass destruction, insecurity, and instability wherever it shows up. Expect no letup in its crimes against Syria.
Its people have other ideas. On March 24, huge crowds massed in Damascus’ Saba Bahrat Square. They railed against foreign interference and expressed strong support for Assad’s reforms.
Chanting slogans, carrying banners, displaying Syrian flags, and showing other expressions of support, they blamed US imperialism and complicit Arab states for months of violence and deaths. Along with Syrian security forces, they vowed to resist.
It’s their country and their right to choose leaders they wish, free from outside interference. International law prohibits but doesn’t stop it. It also doesn’t prevent spuriously accusing Assad for all sorts of alleged wrongdoing.
On March 23, Turkey’s Today’s Zaman headlined, “Turkey enlists northern Iraq’s help in countering threat of Syria-PKK alliance,” claiming:
Assad’s “courting terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants to strike Turkish interests, Today’s Zaman has learned.”
Quoting unnamed government officials belies their credibility. Nonetheless, one said:
“We have come to an understanding from Kurdish officials in Arbil that the PKK threat in Syria is seriously undermining the legitimate aspirations of Kurds in the region.”
“What is more, they also realized that the PKK’s support of the violent regime in Syria puts all Kurds in the region in an awkward position. They do not want Kurds to be seen as supporting a brutal regime that has been cracking down on civilian protestors.”
Unexplained was why Assad would risk further alienating Turkey, especially when he’s pre-occupied against heavily armed Western-backed insurgents. The last thing he wants is Ankara’s more direct involvement. Doing so might turn the tide against him. He’s no fool and wouldn’t risk it.
In 1998, Turkey and Syria nearly clashed. As a result, Assad distanced himself from PKK elements to prevent war erupting. Why risk it now? Moreover, Syria’s Kurdish area’s been peaceful since he granted hundreds of thousands there citizenship.
However, Today’s Zaman claimed “Turkish intelligence reports submitted to the government detailed how the Assad regime has been providing support to the PKK in Syria by giving them freedom to operate in the northern part of the country bordering Turkey.”
It added that doing so provides a buffer zone against possible Turkish intervention in Syria, either alone or as part of NATO. Again, antagonizing Ankara hardly seems a sound way to do it.
On March 24, Reuters headlined, “Syrian tanks enter northern town, Homs pounded again,” saying:
“Ignoring a U.N. Security Council call for an end to hostilities, President Bashar al-Assad’s forces clashed with rebel fighters and bombarded several towns and cities, aiming to crush a year-long uprising against the government.”
Killer gang violence is ignored. Assad confronting it responsibly is called “ignoring” a UN mandate. What’s about his people’s safety. As head of state, he’s obligated to protect them.
Months of violence took thousands of lives. More die daily. Assad’s blamed for killer gang deaths and atrocities. Washington’s war on him rages. So do scoundrel media backing regime change.
Major Media Scoundrels Attack Assad
On March 18, Washington Post deputy page editor Jackson Diehl headlined, “Why the US should intervene in Syria,” saying:
Notorious warmongering Senators John McCain, Joe Lieberman, and Lindsey Graham support Washington intervention. Their joint March 6 statement said:
“The Syrian people are outmatched. They are outgunned. They are confronting a regime whose disregard for human dignity and capacity for sheer savagery is limitless.”
“Still they carry on their fight. And they do so on behalf of many of the same universal values we share, and many of the same interests as well….Shame on us if we fail to help them now in their moment of greatest need.”
A year ago they called for Libyan intervention for reasons as spurious as now. They’re at it again to replicate charnel house conditions in Syria, install a pro-Western regime, remove a key Iranian ally, then call for bombing Tehran and risk general war.
Diehl failed to see the potential consequences of what three notorious rogues support instead of forthrightly opposing them.
On March 22, a Washington Post editorial headlined, “The UN’s unworkable plan for Syria,” saying:
“….there is virtually no possibility that the new initiative will accomplish” an end of conflict “as the Obama administration should know by now.”
“Instead, it will likely provide time and cover for the regime of Bashar al-Assad to continue using tanks and artillery to assault Syrian cities and indiscriminately kill civilians.”
Fact check
Syria was calm and peaceful until heavily armed Western-backed insurgents arrived. Assad supports conflict resolution. He has all along. Syrian National Council (SNC) leaders reject it.
So does Washington. Obama generated violence for regime change. He’s not backing off now. Assad’s more victim than villain. You’d never know it from scoundrel media misreporting and lies.
“The Annan plan won’t work because, like the Arab League plan before it, it calls for the Assad government to take steps that would lead to its swift collapse — and the regime has no intention of capitulating.”
“To buy time last year, the regime accepted nearly identical demands by the Arab League, admitted its monitors — and then proceeded to ignore its obligations completely.”
Fact check
Most Syrians support Assad. Polls confirm it. The longer violence rages, the stronger his support. It’s true virtually everywhere foreign elements intervene violently.
Assad didn’t instigate it. He supports negotiations to end it. However, he won’t stand aside while killer gangs terrorize Syrians, nor should he.
The Security Council proposed “dialogue between the Syrian government and opposition – something that both sides have repeatedly rejected.”
Fact check
The violent Syrian National Council (SNC) alone rejects dialogue. So does Washington and rogue NATO partners. Assad and nonviolent opposition National Coordination Committee for Democratic Change (NCC) leaders support it. It’s futile unless all sides cooperate on what others on their own can’t achieve.
UN envoy Kofi “Annan’s mission allows the illusion that its diplomatic strategy is producing results – and that more decisive measures” aren’t necessary. It won’t end violence.
“It is just the opposite: a guarantee that the bloodshed will continue, and probably worsen. The fighting in Syria will end only when Mr. Assad is forced to stop — or he succeeds in killing his way to victory.”
Scoundrel journalism suppresses truths, spreads lies, supports Washington’s imperium, cheerleads its wars as well as others planned, and calls victims defending themselves terrorists.
America couldn’t get away with murder for decades without them. They bear main responsibility and have blood on their hands to answer for.
A Final Comment
A Damascus-based Syrian national sent this writer two emails this morning. For weeks we’ve maintained contact. His name’s withheld for his safety.
He said opposition forces “are targeting Christian neighborhoods in Damascus by setting bombs inside cars and school buses.”
“The day before yesterday, I was 40 meters away from one that blew up.”
“The Damascus explosion near the air force intelligence buildings was totally catastrophic. I live very close to that area, and we have a lot of deaths, injuries, and damage.”
Separately he said “yesterday they caught 6 persons on the roof top of a building near the intelligence center with RBG weapons.” For sure, they were choosing targets and opportunities to use them.
He and other Syrians endure daily violence. Why else would they support Assad trying to stop it. So would everyone under similar circumstances. If governments won’t stop Western-backed bloodshed, who will?
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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