Syrian Insurgents Violate Ceasefire

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April 14, 2012
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Syrian Insurgents Violate Ceasefire
by Stephen Lendman
It was too good to last. On day one, insurgents violated ceasefire calm. Blame Washington’s dirty hands. It manipulates everything going on.
It won’t tolerate peace and stability. Regime change plans need violence blamed on Assad. That’s imperialism’s ugly face. Behind it lurks a menace too threatening to ignore.
International, constitutional, and US statute laws are spurned. Independent regimes are toppled. War is policy. Throughout its history, America waged them at home and abroad. Countless millions died. Daily their numbers mount.
America’s no democracy. It’s a killing machine, a police state, a rogue hegemon, ravaging one country after another for unchallenged dominance.
It’s boss, a street thug writ large. What it says goes. Violators are punished. Humanity’s threatened.
Syria and Iran now face its wrath. Expect the worst. It’s coming. Catastrophe may follow. NATO powers ignore the threat. On April 12, Obama and French President Nicolas Sarkozy discussed Iran and Syria.
Both accused Assad of violating ceasefire terms. Sarkozy and UK Prime Minster David Cameron called for “transition at the top” change. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said if violence erupts, “we want to return to the Security Council in a new attempt to obtain a resolution on Syria. We will intensify our support for the opposition.”
Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel urge “more resolute” action. These and similar comments spell trouble.
On April 13, The New York Times headlined, “Cease-Fire Tested by Reports of Syria Clashes,” saying:
“….some deadly clashes were reported.” Pro-Western “activists” claim violence wracked areas are “under virtual martial law, with tank deployments, armed checkpoints and rooftop snipers.”
Times writers never spare hyperbole. On issues mattering most, managed news substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Protection Syrians need is denounced. Imagine how out-of-control things would be without it. Current and former UN Secretaries-General replicate Timespeak.
Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon point fingers the wrong way. Assad’s blamed for insurgent violence. From Geneva, Ban said “The onus is on the government of Syria to prove that their words will be matched by their deeds at this time.”
Their forces and armor “must return to their barracks immediately,” he added. In other words, leave civilians unprotected. Like Annan, Ban makes no pretense which side he’s on. Both men have impeccable imperial credentials. That’s how they got their job.
On April 13, AP headlined, “Syria truce holding for second day, protesters call for mass marches to test regime,” saying:
“Syrian troops fought with rebels near the border with Turkey on Friday, but opposition activists said the brief clash appeared to be an isolated violation as a fragile U.N.-brokered truce entered a second day.”
In fact, Washington plans more violence. Eruptions will follow imperial plans. Reality will replace optimism. Assad, of course, will be blamed.
Opposition forces call for mass anti-government marches. Peaceful demonstrations are permitted. Violent ones will be confronted responsibly. No country tolerates them.
Imperial powers plan their next move. Concluding their two-day summit, G8 leaders called ceasefire a first step. Hillary Clinton assaults Assad mercilessly. She accused him of violating peace plan terms, saying:
“The Annan plan is not a menu of options, it is a set of obligations. The burden of fully and visibly meeting all of these obligations continues to rest with the regime. They cannot pick and choose.”
“For it to be meaningful, this apparent halt in violence must lead to a credible political process and a peaceful, inclusive democratic transition.”
“We remain firmly resolved that the regime’s war against its own people must end for good and political transition must begin. Assad will have to go and the Syrian people must be given the chance to chart their own future.”
In other words, Washington accepts one option only – regime change. All means are employed to achieve it, including war. It’s coming if current plans fail. Six G 8 nations support it. Russia and China oppose intervention, insurgent violence, and war. So far, they prevented it. At issue is for how long?
Ahead, things get tougher. Imperial Washington won’t quit. Events on the ground are manipulated. Orchestrated incidents began. Expect greater eruptions ahead. Direct NATO intervention will follow. Turkey may initiate it.
Prime Minister Erdegon’s hawkishness suggests it. He openly called for intervention. Citing Article 5 of NATO’s Charter, he said the alliance “has the responsibility to protect Turkish borders.”
On April 12, Today’s Zaman headlined, “Turkey says Annan plan not implemented,” saying:
Erdogan said Assad hasn’t met ceasefire terms. “There is a six-point plan in the open presented by Annan. I do not think this six-point plan has been implemented. There is nothing like this out there.”
A same day Today’s Zaman article headlined, “Turkish opposition slams government over Syria ‘warmongering,’ ” saying:
Opposition Republican People’s Party (CHP) leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, said “The Turkish Republic has never done as much warmongering as it has today.” He rejects Syrian intervention. He’s against interfering in the internal affairs of other nations.
He accused Erdogan of “beating the war drum.” He added that regional meddling worsened relations with Iraq, Iran and Syria. He wants Turkey supporting peaceful conflict resolution.
Peace and Democracy Party (BDP) parliamentary group Deputy Chairman, Hasip Kaplan, explained dangers of Turkey being pro-war. It’s support makes it more likely.
On April 12, Press TV cited Syrian state television, saying “armed men assassinated an al-Mazareeb town official.” Witnesses said insurgents shot Naser Bhkeit Naser from a passing car without license plates.
Other insurgents “killed an army officer and injured 24 others after they targeted a military bus with an explosive device in Syria’s second largest city of Aleppo.”
In addition, “terrorists targeted a law-enforcement vehicle with an explosive device at Wadi Haj Khaled region in Idleb on Thursday, injuring a number of officers.”
Brigadier General Walid Jouni was killed in Jaramana near Damascus. Syria’s Interior Ministry said terrorists attacked him at home.
Syrian television said armed groups “intensif(ied) criminal operations in an attempt to destabilize Syria and torpedo” peace. Expect larger-scale eruptions ahead. Assad, of course, will be blamed. Calls for intervention will increase.
Syria’s UN envoy Bashar al-Jaafari said his government is testing the credibility of nations supporting ceasefire terms.
“Because they are disappointed, they are still betting on every possibility to sabotage the plan.”
“I would like to refer to some Arab and regional countries and some international powers, because the Syrian crisis has local, Arab and regional dimensions, and an international one.”
“Consequently, it is not enough that the Syrian government shows full commitment to Annan’s plan, but all sides have to stand by us clearly and unequivocally.”
He also said nations skeptical about Syria’s resolve want conflict, not peace. They’re responsible for violent incidents. He accused so-called Friends of Syria of plotting “to overthrow” the government.
Arming and funding insurgents reveals their real agenda. Syria’s “a victim of diplomatic, political, media,” and terrorist aggression. “(W)e have a lot of evidence and proofs that will embarrass the countries which sponsored terror in Syria, but we will uncover this at a suitable time.”
A Final Comment
Washington’s Syria regime change plans remain on track. They’re longstanding. Other nations are also targeted. Independent governments aren’t tolerated.
Replacing them with client states is prioritized. All strategies are employed including war. Syria is target one, then Iran. Annan’s sham peace plan provides cover.
Peace and stability defeat America’s agenda. Relative calm will end in short order. Eruptions promise greater ones.
Expect NATO intervention. Turkey’s the likely vanguard. Washington pulls the strings. Its dirty hands itch for more slaughter and destruction.
Bullying is a US specialty. So isn’t unchallenged dominance. The worst is yet to come. Bet on it.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago and can be reached at
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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