Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit

Police Brutality During Chicago NATO Summit by Stephen Lendman NATO arrives everywhere violently. Chicago was no exception. Residents were terrorized for days.  Many are still recovering. For some, it's from hospital beds. Others are behind bars. Chicago cops upheld their odious reputation. The city is notorious for being America's police repression capital. On May 25,... Continue Reading →

Social Justice on Trial in Canada

Social Justice on Trial in Canada by Stephen Lendman Destructive neoliberal mandates harm US and European societies. Canada's conservative government force-feeds similar policies. They include wage and benefit cuts, less social spending, privatization of state resources, mass layoffs, deregulation, tax cuts for corporations and super-rich elites, and harsh crackdowns against resisters. It's also about sharply... Continue Reading →

Continuing Palestinian Hunger Strikes

Continuing Palestinian Hunger Strikes by Stephen Lendman Israel mocks democratic freedoms. Force-fed occupation injustice reveals its true face. It rivals the world's worst tyrannies. Scoundrel media cover-ups can't change facts. Mass Palestinian prisoner hunger strikes persisted for weeks. Some lasted over two months. Miraculously no one died. Victories remain elusive. Negotiations produced Israeli promises to... Continue Reading →

Iran Nuclear Talks in Baghdad

Iran Nuclear Talks in Baghdad by Stephen Lendman Previous nuclear talks failed. On April 14 and 15, another round convened.  Istanbul hosted so-called P5+1 countries. They include the five permanent Security Council members - America, Russia, China, Britain, and France - plus Germany. Iran participated in good faith. Its delegation came with little hope hardline... Continue Reading →

Separate and Unequal in Israel

Separate and Unequal in Israel by Stephen Lendman On May 23, Yousef Munayyer headlined his New York Times op-ed "Not All Israeli Citizens are Equal," saying: Residing in Lod, Israel, he's an Arab citizen. His Palestinian wife lives in Nablus in the West Bank.  Israel separates them 30 miles apart. Discriminatory laws, "walls, checkpoints, settlements... Continue Reading →

Time Profiles a World Class Thug

Time Profiles a World Class Thug by Stephen Lendman Time magazine's May 28 cover features "King Bibi: He's conquered Israel. But will Netanyahu make peace - or war?" Managing editor Richard Stengel titled his profile "Bibi's Choice." Readers got him sanitized, not accurately presented. Omitted was what they most need to know. Time included, America's... Continue Reading →

Heightening Tensions for War on Iran

Heightening Tensions for War on Iran by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed two House bills. On May 18, HR 4310 passed. It includes two hawkish anti-Iranian provisions: Sections 1221 and 1222.  So does HR 568. It expressed the importance of preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapons "capability."  Every nation operating commercial nuclear reactors... Continue Reading →

Chicago: America’s Police Repression Capital

Chicago: America's Police Repression Capital by Stephen Lendman A personal note. Chicago's my home. I live north of the Chicago River. It's the traditional North/South dividing line. I'm close to where protests occurred on the Michigan Ave Bridge and nearby. Cops were everywhere. In partial lockdown, my building was affected. Some residents felt unsafe to... Continue Reading →

Killing with Impunity

Killing with Impunity by Stephen Lendman A new initiative called "Killing Without Consequence" wants justice for Ziad Jilani. Border guard Maxim Vinogradov murdered him with impunity. More on that below. Systemic Israeli crimes against humanity include neighborhood incursions, unprovoked violence, air, ground and sea attacks, and killing with impunity. Daily offenses are commonplace. Rule of... Continue Reading →

Battleground Chicago

Battleground Chicago by Stephen Lendman Chicago police have an odious reputation for brutality. It's well deserved. On Sunday, it showed up forcefully. The whole world watched. Baton-wielding cops confronted protesters violently. Official policy is swing first, ask questions later, and blame victims for police thuggishness. More on that below. On May 9, a National Writers... Continue Reading →

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