Major Media Admit Presence of Foreign Militants in Syria

Major Media Admit Presence of Foreign Militants in Syria by Stephen Lendman Syria's conflict isn't an uprising, revolution or civil war. It's lawless Western aggression. It targets an independent government and its people. Doing so violates fundamental international law. Washington planned it years ago. It wants puppet leaders installed. It's Afghanistan/Iraq/Libya 2.0. America destroys nations... Continue Reading →

CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat

CIA Calls Israel Main US Regional Spy Threat by Stephen Lendman On July 28, AP reported it. Anonymous sources were cited. The CIA's Tel Aviv station chief discovered "sensitive equipment he used (at home) to communicate with" headquarters personnel in Langley, VA was compromised. He told his superiors. It happened to Washington's previous station chief.... Continue Reading →

Permanent War: Official US Policy

Permanent War: Official US Policy by Stephen Lendman Nations don’t wage permanent wars and survive. Imagine one calling itself a democracy trying. Washington spends more on militarism and imperial wars than the rest of the world combined. At the same time, vital domestic needs go begging. America lives by the sword. One day it'll perish... Continue Reading →

Emergency Central Bank Intervention Coming?

Emergency Central Bank Intervention Coming? by Stephen Lendman Greece is a corpse. It's waiting for its obituary to be written. Spain is on life support. Portugal and Ireland are wheezing. Italy is breathing hard. Britannia is sinking. America isn't far behind. Progressive Radio News Hour regular Jack Rasmus said significant private sector job creation, housing... Continue Reading →

High Stakes in Syria

High Stakes in Syria by Stephen Lendman The region's fate hangs in the balance. Perhaps much more. The potential ugly reality is chilling. Make no mistake. Washington orchestrated months of bloodbath. Obama officials bear full responsibility. They were last year against Libya. They are currently as violence wracks the country. The battle for Aleppo now... Continue Reading →

New York Times on Israel’s Democracy

New York Times on Israel's Democracy by Stephen Lendman The Times is a longtime imperial apologist. It's no different on Israel. On July 21, its editorial headlined "Israel's Embattled Democracy."  Instead of discussing the real Israel, it did more to defend than criticize it. The Likud/Kadima divorce occasioned it. In early May, unity was announced.... Continue Reading →

Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities

Preventing More Middle East Wars Tops All Priorities by Stephen Lendman Washington's dirty hands control regional belligerence. Longstanding policy unleashed a regional bloodbath.  It advances America's imperium. Willing partners include NATO and Middle East allies. They're serial killers for their own self-interest. Post-9/11, Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya were ravaged. Destroying Syria is underway. Expect Iran... Continue Reading →

Torturing Children: Official Israeli Policy

Torturing Children: Official Israeli Policy by Stephen Lendman Israel treats children like adults. Only two countries impose life without parole (LWOP) sentences on minors - America and Israel. Israel is a signatory to the 1989 Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC). It's explicit and binding provisions state: "every human being" below 18 is... Continue Reading →

War Without Mercy on Syria

War Without Mercy on Syria by Stephen Lendman Western media misreport what's happening in Syria and why. Propaganda substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Syrians are struggling to prevent Western conquest, exploitation, and control. They're fighting for their lives to stay free. At issue isn't whether Assad's government is democratic, despotic or anything in between.... Continue Reading →

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