July 23, 2012

Washington’s Plan B for Syria

Washington’s Plan B for Syria by Stephen Lendman Replacing independent governments with pro-Western puppets is official US policy. So is war on Islam.  After Soviet Russia […]
July 23, 2012

Stoking Fear Ahead of London Olympics

Stoking Fear Ahead of London Olympics by Stephen Lendman America’s “war on terror” never ends. Neither does Britain’s. After London was named host for this year’s […]
July 22, 2012

Dying for Justice in Israel

Dying for Justice in Israel by Stephen Lendman Among developed countries, Israel is one of the world’s most socially, politically, and economically unjust. It mocks democratic […]
July 22, 2012

Saudi Arabia Rocked by Protests

Saudi Arabia Rocked by Protests by Stephen Lendman On February 14, 1945, Franklin Roosevelt met with Saudi King Ibn Saud on the USS Quincy. A nearly […]
July 21, 2012

Spoiling for Another War on Lebanon

Spoiling for Another Lebanon War by Stephen Lendman Lebanon has the misfortune of bordering Israel. The IDF attacked its northern neighbor in 1978, 1982, 1996, and […]
July 21, 2012

Security Council Showdown Aftermath

Security Council Showdown Aftermath by Stephen Lendman On July 19, Russia and China vetoed a Western resolution on Syria. Invoking UN Charter Chapter VII, it effectively […]
July 20, 2012

Syria Roulette

Syria Roulette by Stephen Lendman In Las Vegas, the house seldom loses. Rarely are dirty Washington schemes foiled. It’s playing hardball against Syria.  Its dirty hands […]
July 20, 2012

Israel Likely Behind Bulgarian False Flag

Israel Likely Behind Bulgaria False Flag by Stephen Lendman Israel’s history is odious. State terror is policy. It’s a dagger pointed at humanity’s heart. False flags […]
July 19, 2012

US Cities Going Bankrupt

US Cities Going Bankrupt by Stephen Lendman In past decades, many US municipalities declared bankruptcy. Since 1981, 42 cases were filed. Ten came in the past […]