Supreme Court Spurns Justice

Supreme Court Spurns Justice by Stephen Lendman Several previous articles discussed the Holy Land Foundation (HLF) charity case. Five extraordinary human beings were wrongfully convicted and sentenced to long prison terms. They're doing hard time in America's gulag. They learned the hard way about being Muslims in America at the wrong time. On Monday, the... Continue Reading →

Greek Whistleblower/Journalist Risks Imprisonment

Greek Whistleblower/Journalist Risks Imprisonment by Stephen Lendman Doing the right thing is risky. Greek magazine publisher Costas Vaxevanis faces charges of violating state privacy laws. Potentially he faces two years in prison. Press freedom and whistleblowing should be inviolate. Not in today's corrupt money controlled world. More on this below. A previous article discussed a... Continue Reading →

Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood

Obama Rejects Palestinian Statehood by Stephen Lendman What do you call a Black man who rejects equal rights for his own people and others? A racist traitor. What do you call a rejectionist leader? A criminal who should be impeached, removed and prosecuted. Obama stands guilty on multiple counts. His rap sheet includes much more... Continue Reading →

Tepid Palestinian Authority UN Upgrade Bid

Tepid Palestinian Authority UN Upgrade Bid by Stephen Lendman Instead of going for easily within reach full UN membership, Abbas prefers settling for less. Why he'll have to explain. Others say it reflects his longtime collaboration with Israel. Doing so betrays his own people. Why they tolerate him, they'll have to explain. If he follows... Continue Reading →

Remember Bani Walid

Remember Bani Walid by Stephen Lendman For courageous Jamahiriya fighters, it's their finest hour. Despite overwhelming force, use of chemical and other illegal weapons, and US-sponsored mass murder, they hang on valiantly. Western major scoundrels shamelessly ignore the slaughter or misreport it. More on that below. A previous article called what's happening one of history's... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Disposition Matrix

Obama's Disposition Matrix by Stephen Lendman Call it elevating Murder, Inc. to a higher level. A Washington Post Special Report discussed America's permanent war agenda. It includes targeted killings, Obama's secret kill list, global drone wars, and White House counterterrorism adviser John Brennan's new rules for war playbook. Established in 2003, Washington's National Counterterrorism Center... Continue Reading →

Trafficking Anti-Iranian Propaganda

Trafficking Anti-Iranian Propaganda by Stephen Lendman American media scoundrels honed it to an art form. Britain's BBC and commercial media regularly feature it. So does a newly licensed anti-Iranian TV channel. More on Raha TV below. On US and UK television, truth is verboten. Last January, Britain banned Press TV broadcasts. In a disturbing move... Continue Reading →

Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite for War

Netanyahu/Lieberman Unite for War By Stephen Lendman American crimes of war and against humanity perhaps exceed all other rogue states in history combined. Pound-for-pound, however, Israeli lawlessness matches the world's worst. Long ago, it graduated from a regional menace to a global one. It enforces barbaric occupation harshness. Its war machine threatens and attacks neighbors.... Continue Reading →

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