Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized

Obama Wants State-Sponsored Murder Legalized by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed Obama's kill list. Another explained his "disposition matrix." Both constitute elevating Murder, Inc. to a higher level.  Obama now wants more. He wants murder legalized. On November 24, The New York Times headlined "Election Spurred a Move to Codify US Drone Policy," saying:... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Genocidal War on Palestine

Israel's Genocidal War on Palestine by Stephen Lendman Longstanding Israeli policy reflects slow-motion genocide. Non-Jews aren't wanted. Israel considers them subhuman. Peace, nonviolence, diplomacy, human and civil rights, as well as fundamental rule of law principles are systematically spurned. That's now rogue states operate. Pillar of Cloud raged from November 14 - 21. Memorandum of... Continue Reading →

Arafat’s Body Exhumed

Arafat's Body Exhumed by Stephen Lendman On November 27, Arafat's body was exhumed. Samples were taken from his remains and surrounding soil. Tests are being conducted. International experts are involved.  Earlier evidence proved he died from radioactive polonium poisoning. Tests will check for all possible toxic substances.  Israel had motive and opportunity. Mossad and Shin... Continue Reading →

Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire

Bangladesh Sweatshop Fire by Stephen Lendman Corporate predators seek cheap labor worldwide. Countries like China, India, Honduras, Jordan, Haiti, and Bangladesh provide it. Transnational giants are unaccountable. Global sweatshops supply them. Workers endure horrific conditions. Some work up to 90 or more hours weekly.  They're wage slaves. They earn sub-poverty pay. They're subjected to punishing... Continue Reading →

Abbas Submits Weak UN Status Bid

Abbas Submits Weak UN Status Bid by Stephen Lendman Palestine deserves full UN membership. It's entitled to all rights and privileges afforded other Member States. Getting them is simple. It should have happened years ago.  Palestine satisfies all essential criteria. On November 15, 1988, it achieved statehood.  Previous articles explained. Security Council vetoes can't prevent... Continue Reading →

World Social Forum Free Palestine

World Social Forum Free Palestine by Stephen Lendman The World Social Forum calls itself "an open meeting place where social movements, networks, NGOs and other civil society organizations opposed to neoliberalism and a world dominated by capital or by any form of imperialism come together to pursue their thinking, to debate ideas democratically, for formulate... Continue Reading →

Israel Signals Hardline Policy Intentions

Israel Signals Hardline Policy Intentions by Stephen Lendman Observers thinking Palestinians gained from Pillar of Cloud might think again.  Nothing changed. Hardline Netanyahu policies continue. Expect worse ahead. Palestinian peace, reconciliation and unity advocates are murdered or arrested. Qassem brigades leader Ahmed Jabari negotiated a truce agreement draft. Ways for establishing ceasefires in case of... Continue Reading →

ACLU Challenges Warrantless Wiretapping

ACLU Challenges Warrantless Wiretapping by Stephen Lendman Throughout its history, America always governed extrajudicially. Post-9/11, it became more repressive than ever. Modern technology makes it easy. Big Brother has lots of ways to spy. It can be done from space, eyes in the sky on drones, secret agents, neighborhood snoops, or electronic monitoring of phones,... Continue Reading →

Gaza Still Boils

Gaza Still Boils by Stephen Lendman Pillar of Cloud settled nothing. Little changed for 1.7 million Gazans. Suffocating siege continues. Israel provoked two border incidents.  One Palestinian was shot and killed. Others were wounded. They threatened no one. These type incidents are commonplace. They won't end. Palestinians are blamed for Israeli crimes.  Daily life continues... Continue Reading →

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