Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for November 23, 24, and 25, 2012

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November 19, 2012
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November 20, 2012

The Progressive Radio News Hour Guests for November 23, 24, and 25, 2012

Friday, November 23 at 10AM US Central Times: Michael Mandel

Mandel is a Professor of Law at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Toronto, Ontario. He teaches international criminal law, constitutional law, and legal politics.

Mandel is the author of “How America Gets Away with Murder: Illegal Wars, Collateral Damage and Crimes Against Humanity.”

Israel’s naked aggression on Gaza will be discussed. On America’s Thanksgiving weekend, besieged Gazans have no reason to celebrate.

They’re isolated on their own. Israel persecutes them ruthlessly. Operation Pillar of Cloud attacked innocent men, women, children, infants and the elderly for days. Slaughter and destruction followed.

Major crimes of war and against humanity were committed.

Conflict was planned months ago. Washington approved it. Multiple Israeli provocations launched it. An alleged ceasefire is meaningless. Israel will attack again at will.

Saturday, November 24 at Noon US Central time: Stjepan Mestrovic
Mestrovic is Professor of Sociology at Texas A&M University.
He was a consultant and expert witness for the International Court of the Tribunal for Yugoslavia. He provides similar services for US soldiers involved in court-martials and clemency hearings.
His books include “The Good Soldier on Trial: A Sociological Study of Misconduct by the US Military Pertaining to Operation Iron Triangle, Iraq.” 
It deals with the conviction of Pfc. Corey Clagett for killing two unarmed Iraqis and trying to kill a third. Mestrovic testified on his behalf at his clemency hearing.
Major world and national issues will be discussed.
Sunday, November 25, at 12 at noon US Central time: John McMurtry
McMurtry is an internationally recognized moral and political philosopher who is an elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and University Professor Emeritus at the University of Guelph, Ontario.
His volumes on Philosophy and World Problems for UNESCO are globally published, and his widely translated works include the influential books, “Unequal Freedoms,” “The Cancer Stage of Capitalism,” and “Value Wars.”
McMurtry is also an active public advocate for global justice, world peace, and international law.
Major world and national issues will be discussed.
Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman was born in 1934 in Boston, MA. In 1956, he received a BA from Harvard University. Two years of US Army service followed, then an MBA from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania in 1960. After working seven years as a marketing research analyst, he joined the Lendman Group family business in 1967. He remained there until retiring at year end 1999. Writing on major world and national issues began in summer 2005. In early 2007, radio hosting followed. Lendman now hosts the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network three times weekly. Distinguished guests are featured. Listen live or archived. Major world and national issues are discussed. Lendman is a 2008 Project Censored winner and 2011 Mexican Journalists Club international journalism award recipient.