The Gatekeepers: Exposing Israel’s Dark Side

The Gatekeepers: Exposing Israel's Dark Side by Stephen Lendman Dror Moreh is one of Israel's leading cinematographers. Last October, his documentary featuring candid dialogues with former Shin Bet heads debuted in New York.  In early 2013, other Western venues will show it. Over the weekend, it premiered at Tel Aviv's Cinematheque. Segmented titles include Forget... Continue Reading →

Responsible Fiscal Cliff Resolution

Responsible Fiscal Cliff Resolution by Stephen Lendman Responsible governance isn't rocket science. Nor is effective economic policy. Fiscal cliff resolution is as simple as doing the right thing. Both parties spurn doing so. December 31 is a nominal deadline. Effectively it's meaningless. New year legislation can be retroactive to January 1. Absent any, here's what's... Continue Reading →

Rare Israeli Justice

Rare Israeli Justice by Stephen Lendman Instances indeed are rare. An important one deserves mention. In mid-July 2010, Knesset members stripped MK Hanin Zuabi of key parliamentary rights and privileges.  They did so for participating in the May 2010 Freedom Flotilla. She joined others trying to bring vital humanitarian aid to Gaza. Lunatic fringe MK's... Continue Reading →

Cliff Notes

Cliff Notes by Stephen Lendman Congressional/administration hype, theater, gamesmanship, brinksmanship, and duplicity define yearend fiscal cliff discussions. Previous articles explained what's at stake. Years ago, Republicans and Democrats conspired to destroy America's social contract.  Militarism, imperial dominance, tyranny, corporate/super-rich priorities, class war, and widening the unprecedented wealth disparity followed. Economist Jack Rasmus calls fiscal cliff... Continue Reading →

Congress Extends Warrantless Spying

Congress Extends Warrantless Spying by Stephen Lendman America's political process is lawless, corrupt and dysfunctional. Fiscal cliff hype, noise and theater continue. Destroying fundamental civil society social protections aren't mentioned. Rushed through legislation targeted Iran's growing Latin American influence. On December 28, Obama signed the Countering Iran in Western Hemisphere Act. It requires the State... Continue Reading →

Cold War Politics Heats Up

Cold War Politics Heats Up by Stephen Lendman Previous articles discussed how Washington reinvented the "evil empire." On March 8, 1983, Ronald Reagan coined the term. He addressed the National Association of Evangelicals. He called communism "the focus of evil in the modern world." He said don't "ignore the facts of history and the aggressive... Continue Reading →

Israel’s Long Arm

Israel's Long Arm by Stephen Lendman Right wing extremism defines it. So does institutionalized  persecution. More on both below. On December 27, Netanyahu addressed an air force pilot graduation ceremony. He threatened Iran and Syria.  He said Israel's "long arm" will strike forcefully. He considers himself above the law. He'll violate international and Israeli law... Continue Reading →

Bahraini State Terror

Bahraini State Terror by Stephen Lendman Al-Khalifa despots run Bahrain. State terror is official policy. Washington supports it. Generous aid is provided. King Hamad remains a close US ally. Double standard hypocrisy defines America's foreign and domestic agenda. Bahrainis want democratic change. They want popularly elected leaders. They want despotic monarchal rule, ruthless persecution, widespread... Continue Reading →

Moscow Talks on Syria

Moscow Talks on Syria by Stephen Lendman Last September, Lakhdar Brahimi replaced Kofi Annan as UN/Arab League Syrian envoy/mediator. He's strongly pro-Western. He's Washington's point man on Syria. Kofi Annan's peace plan was one-sided. It provided imperial cover for war. Brahimi picked up where he left off. His mandate is serving Western interests. Diplomatic cover... Continue Reading →

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