Depositor Haircuts Spreading

Depositor Haircuts Spreading by Stephen Lendman A previous article called them the new normal. Bad ideas spread fast. Canada endorses Cypriot harshness. Its "Jobs Growth and Long-Term Prosperity: Economic Action Plan 2013" says so. On March 21, it was submitted. It endorsed depositor haircuts. It did so before Cypriot trouble erupted. Its "Establishing a Risk... Continue Reading →

Commemorating Land Day

Commemorating Land Day by Stephen Lendman On March 30, Palestinians worldwide observe Land Day. They've done so since 1976. Nationwide protests and general strike action erupted. At issue was Israel's land confiscation policy and brutal occupation harshness.  In early 1975, Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin announced plans to Judaize the Galilee. "Developing the Galilee," he called... Continue Reading →

Regime Change Begins at Home

Regime Change Begins at Home by Stephen Lendman Charles Derber's book by that title says it's the only way to free America from corporate rule. It transformed America from "we the people" to what CEOs say goes. It put monied interests in charge. Presidents, legislators, and high level bureaucrats serve them. Whatever they want they... Continue Reading →

Depositor Haircuts: The New Normal

Depositor Haircuts: The New Normal by Stephen Lendman On March 29, Cyprus Mail said banks opened Thursday. They did so amid calm.  Long lines queued. People waited patiently. A feared stampede didn't materialize. Whether it's the calm before the storm remains to be seen. Looting Cypriot bank accounts reflects the new normal. It set a... Continue Reading →

Cyprus Postmortems: Part II

Cyprus Postmortems: Part II by Stephen Lendman On March 28, Cyrus Mail said banks opened for the first time in almost two weeks. They did so at midday local time. Cypriots face draconian restrictions. How they'll react remains to be seen. Capital controls limit withdrawals, restrict non-cash transactions, freeze check cashing, and convert checking accounts... Continue Reading →

NYT Editors Ignore GMO Health Dangers

NYT Editors Ignore GMO Health Dangers by Stephen Lendman It doesn't surprise. Times policy is irresponsible. It's unprincipled. It's reprehensible. It's longstanding. It supports wealth, power and privilege.  It endorses what demands condemnation. It ignores GMO dangers. Doing so betrays its readers. More on that below. GMO foods and ingredients are toxic. They're unsafe to... Continue Reading →

Honduran Police State Repression

Honduran Police State Repression by Stephen Lendman On June 28, 2009, Obama colluded with Honduran fascists. With US approval and support, they ousted Honduras' democratically elected president. Manuel Zelaya was arrested at home. Security forces confronted him at gunpoint. Junta rule replaced him. Porfirio (Pepe) Lobo Sosa heads Honduras' government. It’s illegitimate. State terror is... Continue Reading →

New BRICS Development Bank Announced

New BRICS Development Bank Announced by Stephen Lendman In September 2006, four original BRIC nations met in New York. On May 16, 2008, Yekaterinburg, Russia hosted a full-scale diplomatic meeting. In June 2009, Brazil, Russia, India and China again met in Yekaterinburg. Early steps were taken to end dollar supremacy. Eventual plans may replace it... Continue Reading →

Destroying Public Education in Chicago

Destroying Public Education in Chicago by Stephen Lendman It's on the chopping block for elimination. It's happening nationwide. Chicago perhaps reflects the epicenter of what's wrong. Mayor Rahm Emanuel spent years waging war on progressive politics. He's a former investment banker. He's a corporate predator turned politician. He's an unindicted war criminal. He belongs in... Continue Reading →

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