Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: Syria’s the “Linchpin of Resistance”

Hezbollah’s Nasrallah: Syria’s the “Linchpin of Resistance”
by Stephen Lendman
Speaking on the 13th anniversary of Lebanon’s Resistance and Liberation Day, Hezbollah leader Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah addressed grave regional dangers.
America, Israel, and takfiris (extremist Muslims, infidels, apostates) pose it. Syria’s the “linchpin of resistance,” he stressed.
“It (it) falls in the hands of the US, Israel and the takfiris, the Lebanese resistance will be beleaguered and Israel will enter Lebanon.”
“If Syria falls, this means that Palestine will be lost, and a bleak future awaits the peoples of the region.”
Ongoing conflict in Syria is important. It’s decisive for Lebanon. Nasrallah stressed the important to “have the courage to speak and act boldly at (this) historical moment.”
“We’ve said that some public demands are rightful, and there are pros and cons, and that the way to reform is through dialogue without one bullet fired.”
Syria’s amenable to conflict resolution through dialogue. Assad said so numerous times. Opposition forces reject it. At least so up to this time.
Nasrallah urged diplomatic resolution all along. The “other axis is bent on fighting to the end and rejects dialogue,” he said. 
“Neighboring countries are ready to destroy Syria for the regime to depart.” It’s clear which ones he means.
He said “peoples of the region” face their greatest threat since the Nakba. America, Israel and extremist elements threaten them.
“The Zionist entity is continuing with its scheme in Palestine without even being criticized by the international community.”  
“Since July 2006, Israel has been preparing for war after realizing their weaknesses and is threatening Lebanon on a daily basis and has been mobilizing its forces on the border for months.”
He ended his address saying:
“I say to all the honorable people, to the mujahideen, to the heroes, I have always promised you with victory and now I promise you with another one.”
Hezbollah, Syria and Iran are united against imperial aggression. Washington-led NATO and Israel pose it. Nasrallah’s committed to help Syria.
“We are now in a totally new phase that began a few weeks ago,” he said. 
“This new phase aims at fortifying the resistance and protecting its backbone, fortifying Lebanon and protecting its backbone.” 
“We will assume this responsibility and endure all the sacrifices and consequences that come with taking such a stance.” 
“We have been promised this disease will reach Lebanon and here lies the danger.”
It already has. Salafist violence in Tripoli continues. At least 28 deaths were reported. Dozens of others were wounded.
On Sunday, two 107-mm rockets struck suburban Beirut. Hezbollah maintains offices there. Four people were injured. The attack followed Nasrallah’s speech.
Interior Minister Marwan Charbel called it an “act of sabotage.” He expressed concern about Syria’s conflict spreading cross border.
Syria represents the frontline of anti-imperial resistance. Israel and Washington-led NATO threaten the region. It’s being ravaged one country at a time. No end of conflict appears near. Defeating imperial aggression matters most.
Obama bears full responsibility for attacking Syria. So-called peace initiatives are non-starters. Washington prioritizes regime change. Assad must go is official policy.
The so-called anti-Assad National Coalition for Syrian Revolutionary and Opposition Forces (Syrian National Coalition – SNC) has no legitimacy. It’s a Western construct. It remains divided.
Last week, SNC members met in Istanbul. They failed to decide on attending the US-Russian sponsored Geneva talks. According to SNC official Khaled Saleh:
“We are exchanging opinions. We are yet to make a decision.” Discord prevents it. Syria agreed to attend. On May 23, Assad said:
“Syria is determined to tackle terrorism and those who support it regionally and globally, and to find a political solution to the crisis.”
On May 24, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Alexander Lubashevich confirmed Syria’s participation, saying:
“We note with satisfaction that we have received an agreement in principle from Damascus to attend the international conference, in the interest of Syrians themselves finding a political path to resolve the conflict, which is ruinous for the nation and region.”
Given internal SNC divisions, it’s unclear when Geneva II will be held. Previous reports said early June. Subsequent ones suggested several weeks later.
Given the likelihood of failure, it hardly matters. Washington and Israel prefer settling things violently. What’s ahead bodes ill for the region. Conflict resolution’s nowhere in sight.
Talking peace while waging war reveals US duplicity. John Kerry’s been urging allies to escalate belligerence. Britain and France are likeminded. 
Assad’s consistently blamed for so-called “rebel” crimes. He’s blamed for justifiably for responding to Israeli provocations.
On May 4 and 5, Israel bombed Syria. Alleged reasons didn’t wash. On May 21, an Israeli military vehicle lawlessly crossed the ceasefire line. It headed toward Bir Ajam village. Syria’s military displayed it. Lebanon’s Al-Mayadeen television aired video proof.
Military uniforms, wiretapping and jamming equipment were found in the vehicle. Damascus called it evidence of Israel’s involvement. An official statement said:
“On Tuesday (May 21) at 1:10 am, our armed forces destroyed an Israeli vehicle with everything it was carrying, which came from the occupied territories.”
“General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces said that our armed forces destroyed an Israeli vehicle entered from the occupied territories and crossed the cease-fire line towards the village of Bir Ajam.”
“The vehicle passed the ceasefire line and was moving towards the village of Bir-Ajam situated in the liberated Syrian zone.”
The report added that doing so supported area terrorists. Israeli rocket fire followed. Al-Zubaydiah village was targeted.
These and similar acts are willful provocations. They’re committed to goad Syria to respond. Doing so would provide pretext for greater intervention. 
Events are heading toward Washington-led NATO doing so. Israel’s very much involved. It’s partnered in naked aggression to topple Assad.
At the same time, it accused Syria of responding its latest provocation. UN ambassador Ron Proser complained to the Security Council. 
He blamed Syria for targeting its military vehicle. It’s hard imagining he did so with a straight face. It’s harder imagining responsible government or official would believe him.
“This week’s events are part of a disturbing pattern of events intended to spark provocation with Israel,” he said.
“Responsibility for the event rests entirely with the government of Syria which instructed its troops to fire on the jeep. Despite numerous complaints, they have persisted in these acts of aggression.”
“We expect the international community to hold the government of Syria accountable for undermining international agreements and regional stability.”
He added that doing so is a “direct violation of the 1974 agreement that ended armed confrontation between Syria and Israel.”
Syria ended it. Israel never did. Recent provocations prove it. Others occurred earlier. In response to Proser’s accusation, a Syrian army commander said state forces targeted Israel’s military vehicle after it crossed the ceasefire line. 
It did so lawlessly and provocatively. Syria won’t tolerate these violations, he added.
“Israel must understand that the ongoing Israeli attacks against the country, and the fact that Israel is using the current situation, the fight against terror in Syria, will not stop Damascus from retaliating to the ongoing Israeli assaults and violations.”
It’s allied with Hezbollah to do so. Nasrallah’s committed to provide help. Defeating imperial aggression matters most.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net. 
His new book is titled “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com. 
Listen to cutting-edge discussions with distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network.
It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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