Snowden Wins Whistleblower Award

Snowden Wins Whistleblower Award by Stephen Lendman In America, he's a wanted man. He's a fugitive. He's a world hero. He connected the dots for millions. He told people what they need to know.  Doing the right thing is its own reward. Transparency International Germany gave him its Whistleblower Award. He's "(t)his year's winner," it... Continue Reading →

Israel Terrorizes 5-Year-Old Palestinian Boy

Israel Terrorizes 5-Year-Old Palestinian Boy by Stephen Lendman Societies are perhaps best judged by how they treat prisoners, the elderly, their most disadvantaged and children. Israel fails on all counts. On July 9, perhaps it reached a new low. Seven IDF soldiers and an officer terrorized a 5-year old boy. They threatened him and his... Continue Reading →

Appalling Israeli Gulag Prison Conditions

Appalling Israeli Gulag Prison Conditions by Stephen Lendman Israel's gulag is one of the world's worst. On July 9, 16 human rights organizations headlined "RE: European Parliament Fact-Finding Mission on Palestinian Political Prisoners." They include: Addameer Prisoners’ Support and Human Rights Association Aldameer Association for Human Rights Al Haq Al Mezan Center for Human Rights... Continue Reading →

More Evidence of Fake Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

More Evidence of Fake Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman There's plenty already. More builds a stronger case. Previous articles explained. Israeli/Palestinian peace talks were stillborn from inception. They began decades ago. This time's no different. Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. Facts trump propaganda. Palestinians are on their own. Their legitimate... Continue Reading →

America and Germany: Longstanding Espionage Partners

America and Germany: Longstanding Espionage Partners by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed Stasi. It was East Germany's secret police. It was one of the most repressive state apparatuses in modern times. Its infamous reputation speaks for itself. It's reincarnated in new form. Given today's state-of-the-art technology. It's worse now than then. The previous article... Continue Reading →

Israeli/Palestinian Peace: Illusion Substitutes for Reality

Israeli/Palestinian Peace: Illusion Substitutes for Reality by Stephen Lendman Haaretz editors, correspondents, and contributors know better. Maybe not. Maybe they don't history.  Maybe they don't know it well enough. Maybe they forgot. Maybe they didn't check. Maybe they have other priorities. It shows in commentaries about announced Israeli/Palestinian peace talks. More on that below. In... Continue Reading →

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival

Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks: Dead on Arrival by Stephen Lendman So-called peace talks are fake. They're a sham. They've always been this way. Decades of talks were stillborn from inception. This time's no different.  Chances for a just peace are ZERO. Palestinians have no say. Believing otherwise defies reality. Israel deplores peace. So does Washington. They're... Continue Reading →

Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of US Injustice

Aafia Siddiqui: Victim of US Injustice by Stephen Lendman She's one of thousands of US political prisoners. She's well known. She committed no crimes. She's been brutalized in captivity. Mercy isn't in America's vocabulary. Rogue states operate that way. Washington's by far the worst. It reportedly agreed to Pakistan's extradition terms. Both sides will swap... Continue Reading →

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