New EU Guidelines on Israel

New EU Guidelines on Israel by Stephen Lendman A previous article discussed them. They pertain to illegal Israeli West Bank, East Jerusalem, and Golan settlements. They leave besieged Gaza unaddressed.  It's a glaring omission. It's dismissive of 1.7 million Gazans. Their rights don't matter. Israel's suffocating them illegally. A humanitarian crisis persists.  Dealing with it... Continue Reading →

Snowden in Russia

Snowden in Russia by Stephen Lendman Snowden remains in Moscow Sheremetyevo Airport transit zone limbo. Russia's his safest option.  Traveling elsewhere's too risky. It's hazardous. He's seeking temporary asylum. Odds are he'll get it. Moscow won't extradite him. It has no treaty obligation to do so. Washington never repatriated Russian defectors. Heavy US pressure's exerted... Continue Reading →

Targeting Free Expression in Israel

Targeting Free Expression in Israel by Stephen Lendman During previous Knesset session proceedings, MKs Ofir Akunis and Faina Kirshenbaum legislation to limit NGO funding was defeated. Last week, MKs Ayelet Shaked and Robert Ilatov proposed their version. They call it a "softer version of the NGO bill." It's harsh, not soft. It prohibits NGOs from... Continue Reading →

Attacking Syria: Israeli/Turkish Denials Ring Hollow

Attacking Syria: Israeli/Turkish Denials Ring Hollow by Stephen Lendman A previous article cited two Russia Today reports. One suggested Israeli Dolphin-class submarines attacked Latakia, Syria.  At issue was targeting Russian-made S-300 air defense missile components and/or Yakhont P-800 missiles. The second cited a "reliable source." Perhaps it's Russian intelligence. It said Israeli warplanes used Turkish... Continue Reading →

Lawlessness Is Official US Policy

Lawlessness Is Official US Policy by Stephen Lendman Sweeping mass surveillance continues. It won't stop. It's intensifying. It reflects rogue state governance. It has nothing to do with national security. Claiming it's a red herring. It's about control. It's to advance America's imperium. It's political and corporate espionage. It's monitoring truth-tellers. It's targeting constitutional rights. ... Continue Reading →

Israel Waging Undeclared War on Syria

Israel Waging Undeclared War on Syria by Stephen Lendman Israel reflects the worst of rogue state governance. It's contemptuous of international laws, treaties, conventions, its own statutes, and High Court decisions. It's out-of-control. It's unaccountable. It makes its own rules. It maintains lawless militarized occupation harshness. It force-feeds austerity on its own citizens. It suffocates... Continue Reading →

Napolitano to Head University of California

Napolitano to Head University of California by Stephen Lendman On July 12, the Los Angeles Times headlined "Janet Napolitano, Homeland Security chief, to head UC," saying: Her "nomination by a committee of UC regents came after a secretive process that insiders said focused on her early as a high-profile, although untraditional, candidate who has led... Continue Reading →

Zimmerman: Not Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder

Zimmerman: Not Guilty of Cold-Blooded Murder by Stephen Lendman When is killing a non-threatening unarmed teenager not murder? When civil rights don't matter. When Jim Crow justice prevails.  When the victim is black. When mostly white women jurors call cold-blooded murder self-defense.  (Note: Juror B29 was the sole Hispanic. Zimmerman's white. He's  Hispanic. His voter... Continue Reading →

Syria Discovers Terrorist-Used Chemical Weapons Factory

Syria Discovers Terrorist-Used Chemical Weapons Factory by Stephen Lendman New evidence adds greater credibility to numerous past reports. So-called "rebels" bear responsibility for chemical weapons use.  They're aided and abetted by Washington, other Western nations, Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other regional rogue states.  They're longstanding imperial partners. Human life has no value. Unchallenged dominance counts... Continue Reading →

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