Gitmo Force-Feeding Continues Through Ramadan

Gitmo Force-Feeding Continues Through Ramadan by Stephen Lendman Doing so constitutes cruel and unusual punishment. It inflicts excruciating pain and suffering. It's aggravated assault writ large. It's torture under international law provisions. It violates human dignity. It reflects disdain for human suffering. It's Josef Mengele-style treatment. Nazi prisoners were coerced. They had no choice. Experiments... Continue Reading →

Snowden’s Asylum Quest

Snowden's Asylum Quest  by Stephen Lendman Snowden reflects the best of heroic activism. He acted responsibly. He did the right thing. He committed no crimes. He knew the risks and took them.  Few would do as much. Legions more are needed. Maybe he'll inspire others to come forward. Today they're more than ever needed. He... Continue Reading →

Israel Governs Lawlessly

Israel Governs Lawlessly by Stephen Lendman Israel reflects the worst of rogue state lawlessness. Netanyahu's a world class thug. Knesset members reflect fascist rule. Ethnic cleansing is official policy. So is slow-motion genocide. Israelis are increasingly marginalized and denied. Neoliberal harshness harms millions. Israeli Arabs have virtually no rights. Praying to the wrong god is... Continue Reading →

Wrongheaded Fed Policy

Wrongheaded Fed Policy by Stephen Lendman It's been that way far too long. Bernanke and other Fed governors represent Wall Street. They're hired hands. They take orders and obey. They consistently spurn good policy.  Greenspan created an earlier mother of all bubbles. Bernanke exceeded the worst of his policies. Day of reckoning time awaits. The... Continue Reading →

Obama Blocks Snowden’s Asylum

Obama Blocks Snowden's Asylum by Stephen Lendman On July 12, Russia Today (RT) headlined "US 'blocks my asylum:' Snowden human rights activists to airport meeting," saying: Snowden remains stuck. He's in limbo. He's at Moscow's Sheremetyevo Airport. He's in its transit area. A source told Interfax he'll meet with human rights organizations late Friday.  Airport... Continue Reading →

Rage Against the System: Why It Matters

Rage Against the System: Why It Matters by Stephen Lendman Public anger in Egypt, Turkey, Palestine, Brazil, Chile, across Europe, in America against Wall Street, and elsewhere is real. It's visceral. It's deep-seated. It's growing. It reflects what media scoundrels won't explain. Democracy's more illusion than real. People get the best kind money can buy.... Continue Reading →

Ongoing Fighting in Sinai

Ongoing Fighting in Sinai by Stephen Lendman Headlines focus on Egypt. Sinai gets little attention. What's ongoing bears close watching. On July 7, Maan News headlined "Egypt army 'preparing for Sinai operation,' " saying: A "large-scale military operation" is planned. "Egyptian forces sealed more tunnels along Gaza's border." "An Egyptian military official told Ma'an the... Continue Reading →

Junta-Style Transition in Egypt

Junta-Style Transition in Egypt by Stephen Lendman Events remain fluid. They're fast-moving. Interim President Adly Mansour appointed Hazem Beblawi prime minister. He's a technocrat. He's an economics PhD. He and Mansour are pro-Western stooges. From 1965 - 1980, Beblawi held academic positions at the University of Alexandria and elsewhere. From 1980 - 1983, he was... Continue Reading →

Vilifying Alice Walker Irresponsibly

Vilifying Alice Walker Irresponsibly by Stephen Lendman Walker's a Georgia sharecropper family daughter. She's the youngest of eight children. At Atlanta's Spellman College, she was one of Howard Zinn's students. He taught her and others: "You can't be neutral on a moving train."  "(E)vents are already moving in certain deadly directions, and to be neutral... Continue Reading →

Targeting Iran

Targeting Iran by Stephen Lendman America targets Iran. It does so ruthlessly. It's done it since 1979. It wants its sovereignty destroyed.  It wants pro-Western puppet leadership instead. It wants its independent government replaced. It wants its oil and gas, stupid. It wants unchallenged regional control. Hassan Rohani's election doesn't matter. He's Iran's President-Elect. He'll... Continue Reading →

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