ElBaradei Heads Egypt’s Interim Government

ElBaradei Heads Egypt's Interim Government by Stephen Lendman It's official. He's Washington's man in Cairo. More on that below. Ousting Morsi unleashed widespread violence. Pitched battles erupted. Both sides clashed with each other.  On July 6, Russia Today reported Friday's toll caused 36 deaths. One or more others followed. Over 1,100 were injured. Unknown numbers... Continue Reading →

Business As Usual in Egypt

Business As Usual in Egypt by Stephen Lendman Days of street protests created illusory change. Everything changed but stayed the same. The pattern's familiar. Ousting Morsi assures same old, same old. Washington prioritizes Middle East control. It wants it unchallenged. It's the oil, stupid. Saudi Arabia, Iran, Iraq, and other regional states have nearly two-thirds... Continue Reading →

Targeting Foreign Leaders: Longstanding US Policy

Targeting Foreign Leaders: Longstanding US Policy by Stephen Lendman No one's safe from America's long arm. From inception, CIA operatives developed skills to kill.  Fidel Castro survived hundreds of assassination attempts. He knows best how Washington operates.  Other leaders weren't as lucky. In April 1994, CIA surface-to-air missiles killed Rwandan President Juvenal Habyarimana and Burundi... Continue Reading →

Controlling the Message: Targeting Press TV

Controlling the Message: Targeting Press TV by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israeli Lobby pressure bear full responsibility. At issue is blatant censorship. It's suppressing truth and full disclosure.  It's controlling the message. It's preventing viewers from getting vital news, information and analysis. Press TV features it daily. It provides a vital service.  It's must viewing.... Continue Reading →

What’s Next in Egypt?

What's Next in Egypt? by Stephen Lendman Morsi's out. Junta power rules. Generals have final say. Democracy's verboten. Popular interests don't matter. They never did. They don't now. What's next? Headlines said Egyptians celebrated Morsi's ouster. Fireworks lit up Cairo's sky. On February 12, 2011, jubilant crowds reacted the same way. Millions hailed Mubarak's removal.... Continue Reading →

America’s Independence Day Hypocrisy

America's Independence Day Hypocrisy by Stephen Lendman Ron Kovic's an anti-war activist. He was born on July 4, 1946. Vietnam combat left him paralyzed. He's wheelchair-bound. His memoir titled "Born on the Fourth of July" became an Academy Award-winning film. Oliver Stone directed it. Tom Cruise played Kovic. An updated 2005 book introduction said in... Continue Reading →

Obama Threatens Humanity

Obama Threatens Humanity by Stephen Lendman He represents the worst of rogue governance. He does so lawlessly. He serves monied interests. They own him. Whatever they want they get.  He violates core rule of law principles. He mocks democratic rule. He's waging multiple imperial wars. He's doing so on humanity. He plans others.  He looted... Continue Reading →

Turmoil Rocks Egypt: Morsi’s Out

Turmoil Rocks Egypt: Morsi's Out by Stephen Lendman Events are fast moving. Russia Today's live Cairo video shows huge Tahir Square crowds. They're nonviolent. They're expectant. The mood's electric. Egyptian troops control key sites nationwide. Large contingents are deployed around Cairo. Unconfirmed reports suggest Morsi's under house arrest. Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces... Continue Reading →

Obama’s New Climate Plan

Obama's New Climate Plan by Stephen Lendman It's typical Obama. It's largely old wine in new bottles. It's more duplicitous than real. Rhetoric belies policy. He does it every time. His credibility's sorely lacking. He's a serial liar. It remains to be seen what follows.  A White House web site posting headlined "CLIMATE CHANGE and... Continue Reading →

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