Duplicitous Anti-Syrian Editorials

Duplicitous Anti-Syrian Editorials by Stephen Lendman Media scoundrels march in lockstep. When America goes to war or plans one, they're supportive right or wrong. Throughout months of conflict, they pilloried Assad. They did so unjustifiably. They turned truth on its head. They blame him for insurgent crimes. They do it repeatedly. On August 30, Wall... Continue Reading →

Obama Invented Pretext for Lawless Aggression

Obama Invented Pretext for Lawless Aggression By Stephen Lendman When US enemies don't exist, they're invented. When rule of law principles are clear and unequivocal, they're twisted to fit US policy. On August 30, White House Special Assistant to the President/Principal Deputy Press Secretary Josh Earnest said: "When the president reaches a determination about the... Continue Reading →

Obama’s America: Gangsterism Writ Large

Obama's America: Gangsterism Writ Large by Stephen Lendman Obama's America is an out-of-control rogue state. It's nuclear armed and dangerous. It maintains large stockpiles of hugely toxic chemical and biological weapons.  They're used freely in all US wars. Washington threatens world peace. It risks global war. It's no land of the free and home of... Continue Reading →

Harsh Criticism of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks

Harsh Criticism of Israeli/Palestinian Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman A Palestinian Human Rights Organizations Council (PHROC) position paper offered straight talk on what's ongoing. It did so responsibly. PHROC's a 12 Palestinian human rights organization coalition. It's polar opposite US/Israeli policy.  It supports peaceful conflict resolution. It wants it based in international legal standards. They... Continue Reading →

Obama’s World: Peace a Convenient Illusion

Obama's World: Peace a Convenient Illusion by Stephen Lendman Peace and stability defeat Obama's agenda. Violence, instability and permanent wars further it. They persist nonstop. New wars follow earlier ones. Some never end. Afghanistan is America's longest war. It's continued longer than WW I and II combined. It shows no signs of ending. It could... Continue Reading →

Obama’s War on Syria Based on Lies

Obama's War on Syria Based on Lies by Stephen Lendman All wars are based on lies. Claims about Syrian forces using chemical weapons are false. They're malicious.  They're bald-faced lies. They're repeated anyway. John Kerry wrongfully accused Syria of using chemical weapons.  It's "undeniable," he claimed. It's "a moral obscenity." He'll provide evidence, he said.... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Cruise Missile Diplomacy

Obama's Cruise Missile Diplomacy by Stephen Lendman Settling things through the barrel of a gun reflects longstanding US policy. Shoot first, ask questions later defines it.  Invented pretexts initiate conflicts. Defending the indefensible repeats with disturbing regularity. Obama's the latest in a long line warrior presidents. Imperial lawlessness defines his agenda. One war after another... Continue Reading →

Israel Attacks Palestinians During Peace Talks

Israel Attacks Palestinians During Peace Talks by Stephen Lendman Doing so exposes the sham process. So do many other similar incidents. Daily violence persists. Dozens of weekly incursions terrorize Palestinian communities. Violence and arrests follow. So do detentions, interrogations and torture. Israel's no peace partner. Palestinians don't have one. They never did. For sure they... Continue Reading →

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