Provoking Iran

Provoking Iran by Stephen Lendman Observers call Geneva a "historic agreement." It remains to be seen. The proof of the pudding is in the implementation.  It's whether Washington upholds its obligations. For sure Iran will. It has everything to gain by doing so. It has much to lose otherwise.  Agreed on terms didn't end 34... Continue Reading →

US Saber Rattling Diplomacy

US Saber Rattling Diplomacy by Stephen Lendman America seeks unchallenged global dominance. It practically claims a divine right. It's longstanding US policy.  Its empire of bases enforces it. Saber rattling reflects it. In late November, China's Defense Ministry announced creation of an "air defense identification zone (ADIZ)." They're not unusual. America, Japan, South Korea and... Continue Reading →

Massive Fraud, Intimidation, and Vote Buying in Honduras

Massive Fraud, Intimidation and Vote Buying in Honduras by Stephen Lendman On Sunday, November 24, Hondurans voted. Eight candidates contested for president. Only two mattered. LIBRE party (Liberty and Refoundation) candidate Xiomara Castro challenged ruling National party's Juan Orlando Hernandez. A previous article explained. It said business as usual prevailed. Fraud, intimidation and vote buying... Continue Reading →

Hunger in America

Hunger in America by Stephen Lendman It's hard giving thanks when you're hungry. It's harder living in the world's richest country. It's harder still knowing government officials don't care. It's hardest of all wondering how you'll get by.  More below on growing hunger and deprivation. It's increasing in America at a time trillions of dollars... Continue Reading →

Israeli Police State Lawlessness

Israeli Police State Lawlessness by Stephen Lendman Multiple daily incidents reflect Israel's true face. Israel is no democracy. It's a ruthless, racist police state. On November 26, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) headlined "In 2 Crimes of Extra-judicial Execution and Excessive Use of Force, Israeli Forces Kill 3 Palestinian Civilians in Yatta, South... Continue Reading →

Coup d’Etat in Egypt

Coup d'Etat Rule in Egypt by Stephen Lendman On July 3, Egypt's Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) ousted President Mohamed Morsi. Coup d'etat rule replaced him. Appointed civilian puppets represent it.  In February or March 2014, parliamentary elections are planned. In early summer, a presidential one will follow.  Does it matter? Not likely.... Continue Reading →

Ukraine Dodged a Bullet

Ukraine Dodged a Bullet by Stephen Lendman At least so far. On November 21, Ukraine abandoned an expected EU alliance. It did so in the interest of "national security," it said. It intends renewing "active dialogue" with Moscow. EU foreign policy chief Catherine Ashton lied calling it a "disappointment for the people of Ukraine." Signing... Continue Reading →

Rigged Honduras Elections

Rigged Honduran Elections by Stephen Lendman In Honduras they're won the old-fashioned way. They're stolen. On Sunday, presidential elections were held. Eight candidates participated. Two mattered most. Business as usual prevailed. Reports suggest fraud, intimidation and vote buying.  Activists defied state-sponsored violence. Both sides claimed victory. More on that below. Adrienne Pine is an American... Continue Reading →

Market Euphoria During Troubled Times

Market Euphoria During Troubled Times by Stephen Lendman Major equity markets approach nosebleed levels. Experts disagree on whether bubble extremes approach. They're not unusual. They happen often. The myth about markets reflecting reality is hokum. Keynes once warned about "enterprise becom(ing) the bubble on a whirlpool of (destructive) speculation." Hard times usually follows. Easy credit... Continue Reading →

Undermining Geneva

Undermining Geneva by Stephen Lendman Washington's longstanding imperial agenda remains unchanged. In his January 2002 State of the Union address, George Bush declared Iran, Iraq and North Korea "an axis of evil." He falsely claimed they "threaten the peace of the world." He lied saying Iran "aggressively pursues (WMDs) and exports terror, while an unelected... Continue Reading →

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