Hardened Racism in Israel

Hardened Racism in Israel by Stephen Lendman Israeli racism already is institutionalized. On February 24, it got meaner. Fascist Knesset members approved legislation distinguishing between Muslim and Christian Arab citizens. At issue is separate and less equal than before. It's divide and conquer policy. Critics slammed the law. They did so justifiably.  It institutes what... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Dirty Hands Manipulating Venezuelan Violence

Obama's Dirty Hands Manipulating Venezuelan Violence by Stephen Lendman He wants Venezuela looking like Ukraine. He wants fascists replacing democrats. He wants Washington dictating Venezuelan policy. He's mindless of what most Venezuelans cherish. Bolivarian fairness is polar opposite neoliberal contempt for social justice. It's too precious to lose. Venezuelans remember. February 27 marked the 25th... Continue Reading →

Escalating East/West Tensions

Escalating East/West Tensions by Stephen Lendman Ukraine is ground zero. It's the most important former Soviet republic. It's a geopolitical prize. The struggle for its soul continues. US-supported fascists usurped power in Kiev. Most eastern Ukrainians reject them. So do many western ones.  Government by coup d'etat has no legitimacy. Armed men seized Crimea's parliament.... Continue Reading →

Scoundrel Media Putin Bashing

Scoundrel Media Putin Bashing by Stephen Lendman It's relentless. It never quits. It's for any reason or none at all. Cold War geopolitics never ended. Since Soviet Russia's 1991 dissolution, Western policy remained hard-wired in place.  Putin defends Russian sovereignty. He opposes US imperial lawlessness. Washington considers him public enemy number one. At stake is... Continue Reading →

Cheerleading Ukrainian Fascism

Cheerleading Ukrainian Fascism by Stephen Lendman Major media scoundrels praise what demands condemnation. They reinvent history doing it. Managed news misinformation substitutes for legitimate journalism. More on this below. Ukraine's fascist coup against its democratically elected government was made in the USA.  Washington's dirty hands manipulated things. Billions of dollars were spent doing it. Obama... Continue Reading →

Obama Includes Iranian Missiles in Nuclear Talks

Obama Includes Iranian Missiles in Nuclear Talks by Stephen Lendman Netanyahu obsesses over a nonexistent Iranian nuclear threat. At his Sunday cabinet meeting, he railed again saying: "Iran will practically realize its plan to become a nuclear threshold state, with enrichment (capability), and the ability to develop intercontinental missiles."  "This combination of enrichment, weapons, and... Continue Reading →

New York Times: Supporting US Imperial Lawlessness

New York Times: Supporting US Imperial Lawlessness by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. All the news Times editors call fit to print isn't fit to read. Managed news misinformation substitutes for truth and full disclosure. It's in lockstep with US monied interests.  Pro-Western propaganda is featured. It's pro-war, pro-business, anti-populist, and... Continue Reading →

Israel Bombs Syrian/Lebanese Border

Israel Bombs Syrian/Lebanese Border by Stephen Lendman Washington and Israel are longstanding imperial partners. Netanyahu supports Obama's war on Syria. He bombed Syria at least six times last year. Obama defended his lawlessness. Syria poses no threat. He lied claiming Israel has a right to defend itself against enemies. He's complicit in all Israeli attacks.... Continue Reading →

Wall Street Journal Reinvented History

Wall Street Journal Reinvented History by Stephen Lendman Mary O'Grady is a Wall Street Journal columnist. She's one of its editorial board members. She's a Rupert Murdoch favorite. She's a neocon propagandist. She defends the indefensible. She masquerades as a journalist. Her reinvented history doesn't wash. It doesn't pass the smell test. Her background gives... Continue Reading →

Police State Ukraine

Police State Ukraine by Stephen Lendman What kind of government establishes itself by force? What kind does it extrajudicially?  What kind of legitimacy do ultranationalist, xenophobic, neo-Nazi, anti-Semites have? What kind substitutes unrestrained coercion for rule of law principles? What kind rules by intimidation? What kind eliminates all political opposition? What kind bans all opposition... Continue Reading →

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