One-sided Human Rights Council Vote on Syria

One-Sided Human Rights Council Vote on Syria by Stephen Lendman On March 28, UN Human Rights Council members voted 32 - 4 to renew investigating war crimes in Syria for another year. Eleven members abstained. Washington, Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait, Jordan and Morocco initiated the resolution.  Other HRC members were... Continue Reading →

The Russians Aren’t Coming

The Russians Aren't Coming by Stephen Lendman It's back to the future. It's reminiscent of Cold War fearmongering. It claimed the Russians are coming. Norman Jewison's 1966 film titled "The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming" portrayed a Soviet threat, albeit satirically. Today, outrageous headlines irresponsibly suggest Russian hordes threaten Ukraine. Truth is polar... Continue Reading →

Planned Turkish False Flag Exposed

Planned Turkish False Flag Exposed by Stephen Lendman Welcome to police state Turkey. It's no democracy. Claiming otherwise is a convenient illusion.  Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is tyrannical. He's ruthless. He blames victims for his crimes. He's unapologetic.  He heads Ankara's rogue government. Turkey is one of 28 NATO countries. Erdogan partners with Washington's... Continue Reading →

Debunking Western Propaganda

Debunking Western Propaganda by Stephen Lendman It's malicious. It's unrelenting. Big Lies repeat one after another. Official sources announce them.  Media scoundrels regurgitate them as gospel. It's standard practice. Agitprop substitutes for accurate reporting. Ukraine crisis misinformation proliferates. Responsible Russian replies get short shrift. Often they're ignored. Sometimes they're twisted irresponsibly. On March 28, Vladimir... Continue Reading →

UN Report Denounces US Human Rights Record

UN Report Denounces US Human Rights Record by Stephen Lendman It's deplorable. It's longstanding. It's by far the world's worst. It's a pariah state for good reason. Claims otherwise ring hollow. Ongoing genocidal crimes of war and against humanity continue. Homeland victims are targeted. So is humanity globally. America is guilty of every imaginable crime... Continue Reading →

Israeli Crimes Go Unpunished

Israeli Crimes Go Unpunished by Stephen Lendman They're longstanding. They continue daily. The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) highlights them. It did so in its 2013 annual report. PCHR Director Raji Sourani called 2013 "the worst year ever due to the Israeli crimes which went unpunished…"  "(T)he world's silence towards Israel's closure of any... Continue Reading →

The Struggle for Ukraine’s Soul Continues

The Struggle for Ukraine's Soul Continues by Stephen Lendman Ukraine remains a global flashpoint. Turmoil, possible internal power struggles and uncertainty reflect things. Plundering its economy is planned. Obama's Brussels speech was duplicitous. It was provocative. It stoked confrontation with Russia.  Daily inflammatory Western headlines continue. Anti-Russian vitriol remains intense. Lies substitute for truth. Friday's... Continue Reading →

Obama Sells Confrontation with Russia

Obama Sells Confrontation with Russia by Stephen Lendman On Wednesday, Obama spoke at Brussels' Palais des Beaux-Arts (Palace of Fine Arts). Lies, damn lies, and demagogic Russia bashing were featured.  He duplicitously hailed Western "ideals." They're being "tested," he said. US policy is polar opposite deceptive rhetoric. His address was a beginning-to-end litany of lies.... Continue Reading →

Plundering Ukraine for Profit

Plundering Ukraine for Profit by Stephen Lendman On March 27, an IMF press release headlined "IMF Staff Level Agreement with Ukraine on US $14 - 18 billion Stand-By Arrangement."  Nikolay Gueorguiev is IMF Mission Chief for Ukraine. He's loan shark chief in charge of plundering it for profit. He issued a statement, saying in part:... Continue Reading →

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