Ukraine Hypes a Nonexistent Russian Threat

Ukraine Hypes a Nonexistent Russian Threat by Stephen Lendman For the first time since WW II, overt fascists hold real power in Europe. They hold major government posts.  They menace regional stability. They threaten world peace. Ukraine is Exhibit A. Olexander Turchynov is illegitimate coup-appointed putschist president/parliament chairman. He's Ukrainian armed forces commander-in-chief. He's Batkivshchyna/All-Ukrainian... Continue Reading →

Confronting Russia and China Militarily

Confronting Russia and China Militarily by Stephen Lendman Washington's imperial agenda reflects madness. Overreach may be its undoing. Potential global war threatens everyone. On Tuesday, Obama ended his Asian trip. Confronting China was prioritized. On April 28, Stars and Stripes headlined "Obama's Asia trip yields better military ties but no trade concessions," saying: He returned... Continue Reading →

More Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies

More Kerry Bullying, Bluster and Big Lies by Stephen Lendman He's no diplomat. He's a world class thug. He mocks legitimacy. He disgraces the office he holds. He represents the worst of America's dark side.  He's a serial liar. He's been caught red-handed lying numerous times before. He's at it again.  Big Lies infested his... Continue Reading →

Russia Bashing Escalates

Russia Bashing Escalates by Stephen Lendman It bears repeating what previous articles stressed. Washington bears full responsibility for Ukrainian crisis conditions. Russia alone goes all-out to resolve them responsibly. It doesn't matter. Propaganda wars rage.  Brazen lies repeat. Lawless sanctions were imposed. New ones followed. On Sunday, Obama's deputy national security advisor Tony Blinkin said:... Continue Reading →

Holocaust Remembrance Day Duplicity

Holocaust Remembrance Day Duplicity by Stephen Lendman Yom HaShoah/Holocaust Remembrance Day is commemorated annually. It's on the Hebrew calendar's 27th day. This year it runs from sundown April 27 to sunset April 28. Its 2013 theme is "1944: From Extermination to Liberation." On April 27, six holocaust survivors lit torches. They did so during Yad... Continue Reading →

More Lawless US Sanctions on Russia

More Lawless US Sanctions on Russia by Stephen Lendman On April 28, a duplicitous White House press secretary statement said in part: "The United States has taken further action today in response to Russia's continued illegal intervention in Ukraine and provocative acts that undermine Ukraine's democracy and threaten its peace, security, stability, sovereignty, and territorial... Continue Reading →

Ukraine: Ground Zero for Possible WW III

Ukraine: Ground Zero for Possible WW III by Stephen Lendman The possibility is too real to dismiss. What's ongoing is how great conflicts begin. A forthcoming book discusses it in debth. It's titled "Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony risks WW III." It's must reading when published. It's coming soon. Washington seeks unchallenged global... Continue Reading →

NYT Russia Bashing Stench

NYT Russia Bashing Stench by Stephen Lendman In 2005, Chicago's famed City News Bureau closed. Times correspondents, contributors and editors ignore it notable principle.  "It your mother tells you she loves you, check it out with two independent sources," it said. Get it right before publishing.  Journalism requires truth-telling. Times rubbish features managed news misinformation.... Continue Reading →

Mass Hunger Striking for Justice

Mass Hunger Striking for Justice by Stephen Lendman Thousands of Palestinian political prisoners languish in Israel's gulag. Hundreds are detained administratively.  They're uncharged. They committed no crimes. Many are held longterm. Some are released and rearrested. Prolonged arbitrary detention breaches international law. Article 9 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states: 1.... Continue Reading →

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