Mercenary Extremists in Eastern Ukraine

Mercenary Extremists in Eastern Ukraine by Stephen Lendman On May 29, Itar Tass headlined "About 300 Ukrainian mercenaries from Syria fighting in south-eastern Ukraine - source." Most "are from western regions of Ukraine, a source in the General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces says." More on this below. A previous article explained the following:... Continue Reading →

Egypt’s Illegitimate New President

Egypt's Illegitimate New President by Stephen Lendman Egypt's sham process has no legitimacy. Elections are farcical when held. General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi ran practically unopposed. Hamdeen Sabahi masqueraded as an opponent. He supports junta rule.  On most everything that matters he's anti-democratic. Anti-populist. Anti-what ordinary Egyptians deserve. Egyptian elections require more than one candidate. Doing... Continue Reading →

Manufacturing Crisis Irresponsibly

Manufacturing Crisis Irresponsibly by Stephen Lendman It's longstanding US policy. Enemies are invented when none exist. War on terror duplicity continues. It's fake. It creates fear. It's used to justify the unjustifiable. It's to advance America's imperium. One country after another is ravaged and destroyed. Ukraine is in the eye of the storm. So is... Continue Reading →

Obama at West Point

Obama at West Point by Stephen Lendman On May 28, Obama addressed West Point graduates. Why anyone showed up, they'll have to explain. Commissioning ceremony is traditional.  It requires new "US Army officers to solemnly swear (to) support and defend the constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, that (they) bear... Continue Reading →

Reactions to Obama at West Point

Reactions to Obama at West Point by Stephen Lendman This writer's accompanying article called his address typical Obama demagogic mumbo jumbo.  He justified the unjustifiable. He defended the indefensible. He repeated one Big Lie after another. Media scoundrels reacted. The New York Times headlined "Obama Warns US Faces Diffuse Terrorism Threats," saying: He "tried…to articulate... Continue Reading →

Afghanistan: Permanent US Occupation Planned

Afghanistan: Permanent US Occupation Planned by Stephen Lendman America came to stay. Obama saying "(w)e will bring America's longest war to a responsible end" is false. It's his latest Big Lie. His Monday statement included many others. "The United States did not seek this fight," he said.   "We went into Afghanistan out of necessity,... Continue Reading →

War Without Mercy Continues

War Without Mercy Continues by Stephen Lendman Sergey Lavrov calls it fratricidal war. "The West tried to use Ukraine not as a uniting link on the European territory, but as a watershed," he said. "Those who advocated such policy did not worry about it that much." "The elections in Ukraine should put an end to... Continue Reading →

Ukraine’s New President

Ukraine's New President by Stephen Lendman He's like his predecessor. Coup-appointed. In his case anointed. By electoral rubber-stamping.  He's anti-democratic. Fascist. Mega-crook. Neoliberal. Confrontational. Militant. Belligerent. Bellicose. Criminal. Opposite what Ukrainians deserve. Straightaway he OK'd full-scale war without mercy. More on this below. Russia wants Eastern Ukrainian military aggression halted. Obama wants it continued. He... Continue Reading →

War Without Mercy

War Without Mercy by Stephen Lendman Ukraine's President-Elect Petro Poroshenko ordered it straightaway. He wants Eastern freedom fighters crushed. He calls them "terrorists." He declared war without mercy. More on this below. A 1990s board game is called War Without Mercy. It's surreal. It's a game. Warmaking is play-acting. No one dies. Opposing forces are... Continue Reading →

Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Freed

Political Prisoner Nabeel Rajab Freed by Stephen Lendman Bahrain's Al Khalifa monarchy rules despotically. Ruthlessly. Extrajudicially. State terror is official policy.  Activists are targeted, arrested, tortured, and imprisoned. Kangaroo court proceedings deny justice. Nabeel Rajab is one of Bahrain's best. He's a prominent human rights leader. A courageous one. Committed for right over wrong. In... Continue Reading →

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