Wall Street Journal Supports Putschist Ukrainian Oligarch Rule

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May 24, 2014
Putin on Ukraine’s Sham Election
May 25, 2014
Wall Street Journal Supports Putschist Ukrainian Oligarch Rule
by Stephen Lendman
Sham elections approach. They’ll be held Sunday, May 25. They’re illegitimate. They have no legal standing.
Coup-appointed putschists are running them. Washington supports what demands rejection. So does the Wall Street Journal.
It’s in lockstep with putschist rule. Murdoch’s world reflects presstitute power. 
It features demagoguery, propaganda, pseudo-journalism, corporate power, and warmongering. It supports wrong over right.
It turns truth on its head. It lacks ethical and moral standards. Its poisonous influence debauches whatever it touches. It endorses Wall Street grand theft.
It favors hard right billionaire bandits running Ukraine. On May 22, it headlined “A Pragmatic Favorite to Lead a Shaky Ukraine,” saying:
Candidates reflect “few policy differences.” Their “backgrounds are similar…The only issue in the Ukrainian presidential vote on Sunday is the country’s survival.”
“The election takes place ‘at a time of war.’ ” Russia “occup(ies) Crimea…Slow to confront Moscow, Western leaders are reluctant to call what’s going on by its proper name.”
Fact: Putschist-approved candidates alone are competing.
Fact: Ballot choices exclude democratic one.
Fact: So-called “pragmatic favorite” Petro Poroshenko is a billionaire oligarch crook.
Fact: He made money the old-fashioned way.
Fact: He stole it.
Fact: “We can do business with anyone,” he says, as long as he gets his share.
Fact: He supported Maidan putschists.
Fact: He did so straightaway.
Fact: He ignored their violence.
Fact: Ukrainian oligarchs notoriously plunder the country for profits.
Fact: They exploit ordinary Ukrainians.
Fact: They deplore responsible law and order.
Fact: Poroshenko’s empire includes food, automotive and media interests.
Fact: Oligarch power began after Soviet Russia’s dissolution.
Fact: It hardened during Leonid Kuchma’s presidency (July 1994 – January 2005).
Fact: He’s called oligarch power’s founding father.
Fact: One hand feeds the other.
Fact: Mutual dependence reflects official policy.
Fact: Ukrainian government officials conspire with oligarch crooks.
Fact: They facilitate massive corruption.
Fact: Each side benefits hugely.
Fact: They do so with underworld elements.
Fact: All Ukrainian presidents operate this.
Fact: Some more than others.
Fact: Differences are in degree, not kind.
Fact: Putschists running things are worst of all.
Fact: Expect greater than ever grand theft.
Fact: Expect Ukraine more than ever plundered.
Fact: Expect Western crooks stealing plenty.
Fact: Expect Ukraine turned into a cash cow for looting.
Fact: Expect the entire country sucked dry.
Fact: Expect the economy hollowed out for profit.
Fact: Expect greater than ever mass impoverishment.
Fact: Expect sham elections rubber-stamping things.
Fact: Expect hardened Ukrainian fascism.
Fact: Expect it in Europe’s epicenter.
Fact: Expect protracted Great Depression conditions.
Fact: Expect total Western support.
Poroshenko is a “runaway” Sunday favorite, said the Journal. At issue only is whether he’ll need one or two rounds to become president.
He’s “a rebuke to the Kremlin propaganda machine,” said the Journal.
Fact: Journal editors bash Russia irresponsibly.
Fact: Misinformation rubbish substitutes for credible journalism.
In the 1980s, Poroshenko studied with former Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili.
They maintain contact. One fascist thug supports another. In the 1990s, Poroshenko amassed a fortune. 
He “dabbled in politics” at the same time, said the Journal. Sitting in parliament assured immunity from prosecution.
He held various ministerial jobs. “His most enduring alliance has been with Ukraine’s pro-Western camp,” said the Journal. 
He supported 2004 Orange Revolution conspirators. He operates politically and in business extrajudicially.
He backed Maidan putschists. He helped bankroll them.
His “visit to Crimea at the start of the Russian invasion in February earned him points for bravery,” said the Journal.
Fact: Crimeans acted on their own volition.
Fact: They did so near unanimously. 
Fact: They voted 96.77% for unification with Russia.
Fact: They did so with historic turnout. At 83%, it was unprecedented.
Fact: Russia had no involvement whatever.
Fact: Claiming otherwise turns truth on its head.
Fact: Longstanding Journal editorial policy reflect lies, damn lies, Big Lies, and more of them.
According to the Journal, Poroshenko promises to build, not destroy. He ludicrously vowed “zero” corruption tolerance.
He’s up to his ears in it. He amassed his fortune this way. He plans grabbing much more.
“We live in a different Ukraine,” he claimed. He omitted explaining in what way. 
He was silent about fascist putschist power. His connection to it. His pillaging plans as president.
“History has given us a unique chance,” he said. He intends taking full advantage.
He’ll enforce police state ruthlessness. He’ll continue waging aggressive war. 
He’ll keep killing his own people. He’ll blame victims for his crimes. He’ll get full Western support. 
According to the Journal, “Putin is playing spoiler. If not for Russian intervention Ukraine’s chances of achieving that banal European dream of normalcy had looked better than even.” 
“Its media, civic and student groups and broader society are mature and vigilant. This is no post-revolutionary Egypt.”
Fact: Egyptian fascism is horrendous.
Fact: Democracy is fantasy.
Fact: US-supported putschists run things.
Fact: Anointed president-to-be General Abdel Fattah el-Sisi to Chile’s Pinochet.
Fact: State terror is official policy.
Fact: Ukraine is worse.
Fact: It’s much worse.
Fact: Conditions are incendiary.
Fact: At risk is civil war.
Fact: It risks spilling cross-borders.
Fact: It risks potential East/West confrontation.
Fact: It risks possible global war.
“Ukrainians have done their part,” said the Journal. It stopped short of explaining horrendous horrors Ukrainian face post-election. 
Worse than post-February coup. It remains to be seen how they’ll react. They’ll learn soon enough they were had.
They may join their Eastern Ukrainian freedom fighters. National rebellion may follow. The fullness of time will tell.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at lendmanstephen@sbcglobal.net
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at sjlendman.blogspot.com
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Stephen Lendman
Stephen Lendman
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