Bombs Away: Official US Policy

Bombs Away: Official US Policy
by Stephen Lendman
Throughout its sordid history, America waged war, not peace. It’s done so at home and abroad. It’s addicted to war.
Without mercy. Permanent wars. Endless ones. Lawless ones. Ruthless ones. Against invented enemies. None existed since WW II.
They’re manufactured out of whole cloth. None threaten America. Washington’s wars are preemptive.
Aggressive. Extrajudicial. Without just cause. Victims are blamed for US crimes. New World Order diktats determine policy.
America’s culture is violent. It glorifies wars in the name of peace. Pacifism is considered sissy.
Wars, economic turmoil and financial terrorism play out in real time. So do other upheavals.
Nothing happens accidentally. Events are manipulated strategically. At issue is carving up whole continents for profit. 
Controlling world resources. Exploiting people everywhere. Achieving unchallenged global dominance. Mass slaughter and destruction are small prices to pay.
Bombs away is official US policy. So is permanent war on humanity. No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over a longer duration. 
It’s a longstanding tradition. A sordid one. An abhorrent one. A ruthless one giving no quarter. Means justify ends. 
Might justifies right. International, constitutional and US statute laws don’t matter. They’re ignored with impunity. 
The supreme law of the land deters no president from operating extrajudicially. Congress is largely rubber-stamp.
America reflects governance of men, not laws. Claiming otherwise is fantasy. It’s pure nonsense.
US officials lie, connive, misinterpret, circumvent laws, ignore them, and do what they damn please. They operate ad libitum. They do so for their own self-interest.
“We the people” mattering most are America’s wealthy, powerful and privileged. They’re indifferent to popular needs. Their policies ignore them entirely.
America more than any country in history reflects how power corrupts, and absolute power does so absolutely.
It’s been this way from inception. It’s worse than ever now. America’s first chief Supreme Court justice John Jay said the nation should be run by people who own it.
John Adams called them “the rich, well-born and (most) able.” Today they’re powerful monied interests. What they say goes. Wars are waged to serve them.
North Korea (1950 – 1953).
Southeast Asia (1953 – 1975).
Occupation Power Pack against the Dominican Republic (1965 and 1966).
Grenada (1983).
Libya in 1986. Reagan’s regime change plan to kill Gaddafi. Dozens died. Many more were wounded. They included Gaddafi’s two young sons. His infant daughter perished. He survived.
Panama (1989 – 1990). Manuel Noriega wasn’t convenient US stooge enough. He forgot who’s boss. Imprisonment in America, France and Panama followed.
The Persian Gulf War (Operation Desert Shield – January 17, 1991 – February 28). 
When it ended, GHW Bush trumpeted: “By God, we’ve licked the Vietnam syndrome once and for all.” 
He ignored how Washington destroyed the cradle of civilization. A generation later, things are worse than ever.
Operation Restore Hope in Somalia (1992 – 1994). Endless war still rages. Wherever America shows up, mass slaughter and destruction follow.
Balkan Wars throughout the 1990s. The former Yugoslav republic was balkanized. Seven countries replaced one. 
Free market harshness replaced Yugoslavia’s market socialism.
From March 24 – June 10, 1999, US-led NATO raped Yugoslavia. Enormous human suffering followed.
Haiti’s sorrows are endless. Over 500 years of human misery. Washington runs things ruthlessly. Disaster capitalism rules. Convenient stooge governance does America’s bidding.
Afghanistan since October 2001. Conflict shows no signs of ending. Washington plans permanent occupation. Expect years more conflict to follow.
Iraq War II. Beginning in March 2003. Endless war. Followed by Obama’s bombs away war. More on it below.
New millennium Yemeni wars. Washington’s dirty hands are involved. Its strategic location matters. Near the Horn of Africa.
On Saudi Arabia’s southern border, the Red Sea, its key chokepoint Bab-el-Mandreb strait, and Gulf of Aden connection to the Indian Ocean.
Libya (2011). US-led NATO aggression transformed Africa’s most developed nation into dystopian harshness.
Obama’s ongoing Iraq War. It has nothing to do with degrading and eliminating IS. Or humanitarian intervention. Or responsibility to protect. Or national security threats. 
It has everything to do with advancing America’s imperium, enriching war profiteers, and serving other US monied interests.
Obama’s war on Syria (2014). Other articles explained. IS is the pretext. Syria is the target. Regime change is the objective.
IS and other extremist groups are Washington’s shock troops. Their foot soldiers. Their boots on the ground. Will US forces follow?
On September 25, Iraq headlined “URGENT: 13,000 American troops to deploy to Speicher Base in Tikrit, Iraq,” saying:
Saladin Provincial Council Vice President Jassim Mohammed Hassan al-Attiyah said “dozens of American military advisers are at Speicher Base…”
Within days, around “13,000 (US) soldiers” will join them. Speicher was chosen “because it is the largest military bases in Iraq,”
US forces will be involved in “liberati(ing) Saladin province. This development comes a day after Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi (told) Obama about Iraq’s refusal to accept foreign military ground forces on its territory.”
Washington already has around 1,600 special forces involved. US officials claim they’re advisors.
They’re trained killers. Their role is combat and related activities. Obama said he intends no ground war in Iraq.
He says one thing. He intends another most often. He exceeds the worst of his predecessors. His policies show he can’t be trusted. 
His addresses prove he’s a laughing stock. His demagogic UN one was beginning-to-end Big Lies. He came selling war. He bashed Russia irresponsibly.
Paul Craig Roberts said it was “the most absurd thing (he) heard in (his) entire life.”
Every General Assembly member knew he repeated one Big Lie after another. “It’s amazing (they) did not get up and walk out” in disgust, said Roberts.
Obama disgraces the office he holds. He’s a war criminal multiple times over. His rap sheet overflows.
He adds new crimes to it regularly. The only policies he knows is enriching corporate crooks, imposing police state ruthlessness, and bombs away.
America’s unmatched skill is inflicting mass slaughter and destruction. Raping and pillaging one country after another. 
Immiserating millions. Exploiting them ruthlessly. Turning ordinary workers into serfs.
Force-feeding disaster capitalism. Doing so explodes the myth of free market democracy.
America is the world’s leading exponent of neoliberal harshness. It invents security threats. It encourages terror attacks. It commits the worst kind itself. 
It manipulates economic meltdowns. It takes advantage of natural disasters.
It imposes its will ruthlessly. It wages wars for profit and dominance. Permanent wars. Endless ones. 
One after another. Social services are eliminated to do so. Fundamental freedoms are sacrificed. They erode in plain sight.
Americans are too distracted, cowed, scared or indifferent to object. The worst of free market triumphalism is official US policy. It’s everywhere.
Milton Friedman said crises produce change. Former White House chief of staff/unindicted war criminal/current Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel said:
“You never want serious crises to go to waste. (They) provide opportunities to do things you could not do before.”
He meant wars of aggression, force-fed neoliberal harshness, imposing police state laws, and cracking down hard on nonbelievers.
Obama’s wars continue. He plans attacking other countries. He has lots more death and destruction in mind.
He wants all sovereign independent countries eliminated. He wants US-controlled vassal states replacing them.
Permanent war on humanity is official US policy. It bears repeating what other articles stressed.
World peace hangs in the balance. It remains to be seen what follows.
A Final Comment
There he goes again. His September 27 weekly address featured beginning-to-end Big Lies.
“American leadership is the one constant in an uncertain world,” he said.
“America is leading the world in the fight to degrade and ultimately destroy the terrorist group known as ISIL.” 
“On Monday, our brave men and women in uniform began air strikes against ISIL targets in Syria. And they weren’t alone.”
Saudi Arabia, other Gulf states and Jordan provided fig-leaf cover. Syria is Obama’s war. Proxy war until August. Direct intervention now.
To oust Assad. Using ISIL/ISIS/IL as shock troops to do it. Obama didn’t explain.
Irresponsible Russia bashing persists. It’s official US policy. “America is leading the effort to rally the world against Russian aggression in Ukraine,” Obama said. 
“Along with our allies, we will support the people of Ukraine as they develop their democracy and economy.” 
Ukrainian democracy is pure fantasy. US-installed fascist putschists run things. Ruthlessness is official policy. 
So is war without mercy on its own citizens. With Obama’s support and encouragement. Don’t expect him to explain. Egregious Big Lies substitute.
How do you know when he’s lying? When he opens his mouth and speaks. When you compare what he says to ongoing policies.
When you match them against deceptive rhetoric. Truth is polar opposite what he says. He shocks the public conscience when he speaks. 
When he acts. When he consistently betrays the public trust. When he does so disgracefully. Irresponsibly. Unaccountably.
He ludicrously said “people of the world look to us to lead.” America makes more enemies than friends. Hegemons are hated, not loved.
Not according to Obama. “We are heirs to a proud legacy of freedom,” he claimed. 
Throughout his tenure, he waged war to destroy it altogether. Expect worse ahead than ever. Expect war on humanity continued.
Expect ruthless police state harshness. Expect full-blown tyranny if not stopped.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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