America: Humanity’s Greatest Threat

America: Humanity’s Greatest Threat
by Stephen Lendman
It bears repeating what other articles stressed. No nation in world history caused more harm to more people over a longer duration than America.
None more give rogue state governance new meaning. None wage more wars. None more affirm them as official policy. 
Permanent ones. Aggressive ones. Lawless ones. Preemptive ones against invented enemies posing America no harm.
No nation more recklessly threatens world peace. None more egregiously breach fundamental rule of law principles. 
None are more ruthless. More reckless. More malicious. More merciless. More brutal. More barbarous. More sanctimonious.
None more contemptuously flout human and civil rights. Or proliferate more Big Lies harming millions worldwide.
None more reprehensibly serve monied interests at the expense of popular ones. Or more self-righteously claim exceptionalism.
None more rampage globally. Or more threaten humanity’s survival if its killing machine isn’t stopped.
Paul Craig Roberts rightly calls “Washington’s insistence on its hegemony” the world’s “greatest threat to peace and life on earth.” 
Neocon “psychopaths” infest Washington. They exert huge influence. They demand obedience. 
They want stooge regimes in place globally. They want subservient ones serving US interests. 
They deplore peace and stability. They want permanent wars. They want unchallenged global dominance. They stop at nothing to achieve it.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov is a world-class diplomat. A true peace champion. A tireless statesman to achieve it.
He told RT International America must stop acting unilaterally at the expense of other nations’ interests.
It must “see the light and realize (it) can no longer act as the prosecutor, the judge and the executioner in every part of the world,” he said.
Resolving vital issues requires cooperation, Lavrov explained. US-led NATO maintains destructive “Cold War mentality.”
“…(F)oreign ministers of Germany, France and many other European countries (dislike) the current situation, but they simply can’t abandon the position they’ve taken, namely, that it’s all Russia’s fault, that it was Russia (that) bought about the Ukraine crisis.”
“The same thing happened three-and-a-half years ago, when the Syrian crisis broke out.” US and European leaders refused to engage Assad responsibly.
He “has to go,” they demanded. They violated “agreements we have, which makes us wonder whether it is even possible to have any agreements with them at all,” said Lavrov.
They “botch(ed)” things on Ukraine. They rebuffed Moscow’s attempts to resolve major issues diplomatically.
“They told us bluntly that their relationship with Ukraine is none of our business.” The day before democratically elected President Viktor Yanukovych’s ouster, opposition Ukrainian figures agreed to unity governance.
A new constitution. A presidential election before year’s end. The next day, “radical forces stormed government buildings…” They acted lawlessly. They usurped putschist power. 
They “announced a new government…” They spurned unity. They instituted police state laws. 
Ukraine “needs comprehensive constitutional reform,” said Lavrov. Months of crisis “shook the whole of Europe.” 
Things are nowhere near resolved. Over 3,000 Ukrainians apply for temporary asylum in Russia daily. 
They don’t believe fragile peace will hold. For good reasons. Fascist pro-Western stooges run things
They’re beholden to Washington. They operate lawlessly. They’re all take and no give. 
They can’t be trusted. They say one thing. They do another. So-called peace is more fantasy than real. 
Conflict could resume any time. Expect it at Washington’s discretion.
Its dirty hands bear full responsibility for crisis conditions. Rogue EU partners share it. For ousting Ukraine’s democratically elected government.
For replacing it with fascist putschists. For stoking East/West confrontation. 
Lavrov said one of his foreign affairs colleagues said Cold War politics never ended. They’re worse than ever now.
Putin and Obama are geopolitical opposites. They’re world’s apart. Their ideologies clash. They represent conflicting values.
Putin believes sovereign independence matters. It’s inviolable. He supports multi-world polarity.
He opposes US imperial lawlessness. He affirms UN Charter and other rule of law principles.
Obama claims a divine right to wage permanent wars. To ravage and destroy one country after another. 
To pursue unchallenged global dominance. To risk the unthinkable doing so.
Separately, Lavrov said US-led NATO confrontation with Russia shows “the mentality of Cold War dies hard…”
NATO’s “genetic code” to counter Russia is “still very much alive.” America and other Western countries claim Russia threatens their societies. 
Truth is polar opposite. US-led NATO is humanity’s greatest threat. At stake is world peace. It hangs by a thread.
On September 30, Anders Fogh Rasmussen’s term as NATO’s 12th secretary general ends. On September 26, his parting shot was belittling and threatening Moscow.
He lied saying “(i)t’s quite clear that…Russia doesn’t consider us a partner but an adversary. And, obviously, we…have to adapt to that.”
He ludicrously claimed Moscow has a “master plan (to) establish a zone of Russian influence in their near neighborhood, covering the former Soviet space.”
Nonsensically he said Baltic states feel threatened by Putin. He threatens no one. 
Claims otherwise are false. Malicious. Confrontational. Heightening tensions when efforts should prioritize cooling them. 
Resolving things responsibly. Going all-out for world peace, stability and security.
Washington demands otherwise. Rasmussen was its man in Brussels. A convenient stooge. New NATO head Jens Stoltenberg assumes the same capacity. Effective October 1.
He was chosen for that purpose. Carefully vetted. He won’t disappoint. Expect Cold War politics to continue.
Washington prioritizes Russia bashing. Instead of engaging Putin responsibly, he’s maligned as public enemy No. 1.
Rasmussen accused him and the Islamic State of creating “an arc of crisis” around NATO nations.
“We need a strong force for freedom,” he hyperventilated. “That’s why we need a strong NATO,” he added.
It’s a global killing machine. An imperial tool. A lawless one. A reckless one. A ruthless one. 
It prioritizes war. It deplores peace. It rapes and pillages one country after another.
It wants fundamental freedoms destroyed. Eliminated altogether. It threatens humanity’s survival.
Rasmussen is complicit in high crimes against peace. He should be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned.
He’ll be honored for being Washington’s man in Brussels. Feted for lawless NATO aggression. Lauded for imperial loyalty.
Waging war on humanity doesn’t matter. Or violating core rule of law principles. Unbridled power counts most.
Enforcing it belligerently. Risking belligerent East/West confrontation. Possible global war. Humanity’s survival.
America is the real Evil Empire. Recklessness defines its agenda. Its rage for war. WMDs to wage it, and global delivery systems making the unthinkable possible.
Obama represents the worst of rogue leadership. He governs lawlessly. He disgraces the office he holds. Removing him is a national imperative.
He’s Machiavellian. Dangerous. Ruthless. Reckless. He abhors peace. He’s more Dr. Strangelove than world leader. 
Stanley Kubrick’s film satirically depicted a deranged general’s obsession to wage nuclear war. Obama may be fool enough to launch one. 
Perhaps neocons infesting Washington intend one. They influence administration policies. 
Obama is titular head of government. Monied interests own him. He serves at their discretion.
He calls aggressive war preventive. Moral. The right thing to do. 
Pentagon May 2000 Joint Vision 2020 called for “full spectrum dominance” over all land, surface and sub-surface sea, air, space, electromagnetic spectrum and information systems. 
With enough overwhelming power to fight and win global wars against any adversary. Using nuclear weapons preemptively.
Washington’s National Security Strategy (NSS) affirms it. So does its Nuclear Policy Review. 
Obama’s 2010 NPR replicated Bush administration policies. It’s old wine in new bottles. Rhetoric alone changed.
It said America “reserves the right” to use nuclear weapons “that may be warranted by the evolution and proliferation of the biological weapons threat and US capacities to counter that threat.”
Joint Nuclear Operations doctrine remains unchanged. No distinction between defensive and offensive deterrents exists.
America’s land and sea-based strategic bombers, land-based missiles, and ballistic missile submarines target potential rogue threats.
None exist. America’s only enemies are ones it invents. To advance its imperium. Risking the unthinkable doing so.
Business as usual persists. World peace hangs by a thread. Washington is humanity’s greatest threat. 
Stopping its killing machine matters most. Survival depends on it.
Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at 
His new book as editor and contributor is titled “Flashpoint in Ukraine: US Drive for Hegemony Risks WW III.”
Visit his blog site at 
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