Obama Wants Regime Change in Russia

Obama Wants Regime Change in Russia by Stephen Lendman Paul Wolfowitz said Washington's "first objective is prevent(ing) the re-emergence of (rival states), either on the territory of the former Soviet Union or elsewhere." Paul Craig Roberts defines rival as "any country (able to defend) its interests or those of its allies against Washington's hegemon(ic)" ambitions.... Continue Reading →

Reactions to Obama’s UN Address

Reactions to Obama's UN Address by Stephen Lendman A separate article discussed it. He didn't surprise. Demagogic mumbo jumbo Big Lies drowned out truth. Not according to media scoundrels. The New York Times finds new ways to lie, distort and misreport. It substitutes managed news misinformation rubbish for hard truths. It's longstanding Times policy. It... Continue Reading →

Obama’s Demagogic UN Address

Obama's Demagogic UN Address by Stephen Lendman He didn't surprise. His address lasted a mind-numbing 45 minutes. He made painful listening.  All his speeches feature demagogic mumbo jumbo Big Lies. They drown out truth.  Two years ago, he lied about Libya. He claimed US-led NATO intervened to "cope with violent conflict, care for the wounded,... Continue Reading →

Big Lies Launch Lawless Wars

Big Lies Launch Lawless Wars by Stephen Lendman Obama's Iraq war III is lawless. It has no legal authority. It constitutes cold, calculated, premeditated naked aggression.  The same holds for his three-and-a-half year proxy war on Syria. It was planned long before March 2011 hostilities began. It's now elevated to direct US intervention.  On Tuesday,... Continue Reading →

Israel Part of US Anti-Syrian Coalition

Israel Part of US Anti-Syrian Coalition by Stephen Lendman It's unannounced. It's no secret. Israel is heavily involved. It's been so all along. It wants Assad ousted.  It bombs Syrian targets at its discretion. It supplies weapons to Islamic State terrorists and other extremist Takfiri fighters. It treats their wounded in Israeli hospitals. It supplies... Continue Reading →

Obama Launches Naked Aggression on Syria

Obama Launches Naked Aggression on Syria by Stephen Lendman It's no surprise. His intentions were clear for weeks. Naked aggression is longstanding US policy. In his September 10 address, he said Washington was prepared to "conduct a systematic campaign of airstrikes (against Islamic State terrorists) wherever they are." "That means I will not hesitate to... Continue Reading →

Dueling Ideologies: Lavrov v. Rasmussen

Dueling Ideologies: Lavrov v. Rasmussen by Stephen Lendman They're polar opposites. They represent good v. evil. They do so at the most perilous time in world history. When global war is possible. Rasmussen is a convenient US stooge. He heads NATO's killing machine.  He steps down end of September. He won't be missed. He violates... Continue Reading →

Enlisting Support for Imperial War

Enlisting Support for Imperial War by Stephen Lendman America hasn't known peace throughout its sordid history. It's lawless. It's blood-drenched. It's unique. It's been this way from inception. It glorifies war. It does so in the name of peace. It's part of the national culture. Obama is the latest in a long line of warrior... Continue Reading →

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